Community Ambassador: Aly Rauff

Community Ambassador: Aly Rauff

"If what I do can help change someone else’s life positively, then it’s all worth it."

I’m a busy 22 year old who’s got all the “usual” stuff on my plate. My day starts from 5am when I get up, to working out, getting to work, getting home for some family time, building on my personal brands (my IG account and blog) and then it repeats all over again.

I’m not someone who would actually consider myself “busy” by these standards as it rarely feels like I’m making myself do what I do - I want to do it and I enjoy it. So this is just my day.

I’m very much focused on health and fitness so my lives revolves around how my choices can affect my physical and mental health, as well as those around me. This is also why I regularly post about my journey with yoga, fitness and my love for activewear on my social media accounts to reach out to, share and engage others positively.

What I want to do is keep growing myself, and through #TEAMBUSYWOMAN, inspire other people of all ages to live their best lives and spread the healthy living message!

Favorite smoothie? PB + Cocoa OR Acai 😋