Meet Our People

They share our passion and dedication in empowering women & the people around them to lead more fulfilled lives through health, as a means towards greater diversity, well-being and global economic growth.

The Busy Woman Project Founding Team

Meet the Founding Team

The Busy Woman Project Council of Advisors & Experts

Local leaders and experts in their fields.

Meet our Council of Advisors & Experts

They help foster supportive environments that allow both men AND women to thrive.

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The Busy Woman Project Community Ambassadors

Your everyday busy woman who embodies our values.

Meet our #TEAMBUSYWOMAN Ambassadors

They help drive awareness to health & wellbeing and lead our self-discovery process in a relatable and lifestyle manner.

Things we value:

  1. Authenticity. A willingness to be vulnerable.
  2. Drive & Ambitions. For health, personal and professional goals.
  3. Passion. To stand for something - wellness, arts, fashion, diversity, environment - and wanting to make a difference to the collective.
  4. Love & Kindness. We can all do with abit more of that in this world, eh?
  5. Connections. Values real human connections, across borders.

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  • Get acquainted with our 2018 theme - Resilience: link

Questions? Contact us at [email protected]