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Online platform and offline events with a focus on mental, physical & emotional health for busy women living in Asia.

Our Goal: Empowering women & the people around them to be resilient and to lead more fulfilled lives through health, as a means towards greater diversity, well-being & global economic growth.

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With rising education levels and financial independence, women in Asia are increasingly becoming the source of household income, and control an increasing amount of purchasing decisions.

In addition to input from consumer analysts and businesses, an Economic Intelligence Unit report polled 5,500 women across major cities in Greater China, India, Japan, Singapore and South Korea - results showed that 43% of women were Professional, Managers, Executives and Technicians (PMETs) and 8% were sole breadwinners. This is a significant jump from previous decades. Women are driving global growth and economy with their growing levels of economic participation and spending power as consumers.

It is a time where we see women gaining more autonomy of their own lives. Yet, living in an interesting period where traditional cultures, values and even how a "typical woman" should look, are intertwined with modernisation and the push for gender equality. This has given rise to women wearing multiple hats and juggling more responsibilities than ever before.

With that, it is increasingly crucial for women to prioritize their self, health and well-being. For without being well, women wouldn’t be able to juggle all that they do, and make positive contributions to this world!

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Interesting observations & statistics:


  • have always been more judgemental of themselves
  • are two times more likely to experience depression than men, especially with the dramatic hormonal changes during menstruation, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause.
  • spend 11 more years on average vs. men out of paid workforce for children and elderly parents.
  • are three times more likely than men to develop autoimmune diseases.
  • are five to eight times more likely to have thyroid problems than men.

"Women are their own worst enemies. And guilt is the main weapon of self-torture." - Erica Jong

With an understanding on the inherent biological differences between men & women, what are some actions that we can take to be well? Evidence has emerged that our brains and hormone levels can change over the course of our lives, in response to shifting environments, thought patterns and behavior.

So, what can we do better to drive personal and global growth sustainably?

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The Busy Woman Project strives to provide a lifestyle solution and long-term prevention towards mental & physical illnesses associated with stress, burnout, unhappiness, loneliness - by being self-aware and well mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially.

2019 theme: HEART

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With unconscious biases, environmental and societal influences at play, it is clear that understanding who YOU are is imperative - to live YOUR purpose - not your peers, your parents' nor someone whom you look up to. To hold the freedom to make conscious decisions for your own betterment. And together with the support of a strong community, bring out the best in each other!

We are all in this together on this self-discovery journey. Together with our advisors, experts and community, we aspire to create awareness and equip you with the necessary knowledge to support your own health & well-being. To pick up the necessary skills and be resilient against any challenges you may face...and, to be able to live your most fulfilling life and drive further strength to this world!

Ultimately, we believe that in addition to your self-mastery is your interactions with society - the community, the environment, and hope that you can help drive a difference, starting with just another individual - to create a rippling effect.

So what now?


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