Find your SweatBuddy by BROC & BELLS

Are you looking for a gym buddy? Or an accountability partner to quit sugar? Or perhaps, just looking to connect & network with new friends with similar interests and goals over some healthy activities?



Ever spent hours of your valuable time googling for the ‘best group fitness classes in Singapore’, ‘healthy restaurants with halal options’, ‘vegan cafes near me’...scrolled through fitness influencers’ Instagram feeds & blogs for the most instagrammable acai bowls or places to suit your low carb / gluten-free diet? Then, having to plot them all out on Google maps to see if they are close to you? (phew!) We have.

Short for Broccoli & Dumbbells, is a location-based social wellness web app bringing busy individuals & active travellers together over quality wellbeing experiences.

Find your SweatBuddy by meeting up at gyms both of you are interested in ("SweatBuddy Hangout") OR let our algorithm assisted concierge service find you the perfect buddy ("SweatBuddy Match").

Broc & Bells helps you discover curated boutique fitness and healthy eats near you. You can also book wellbeing experiences and take part in events designed to foster new connections.

Your journey to finding your own SweatBuddy, or a tribe of SweatBuddies starts right here.


Use Broc & Bells to support your busy lifestyle and improve your mental, physical, emotional & social wellbeing. More importantly, be part of this organic community of like-minded individuals and share in this transformative experience, as we venture on our health journeys together!

Because sometimes you just need that extra support from a friend to push you harder. Together, we can achieve more!

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