Community Ambassador: Cam Kui

Community Ambassador: Cam Kui

"I am inspired by both males and females who have plans to do what they love and are persistent in achieving their goals; these can be very well-known entrepreneurs/athletes to someone like me who is working on their side-hustle. Persistence is the key."

I am constantly busy doing something. On top of my corporate job in finance, I am running and expanding my side-hustle: CorpYoga by Cam, a platform to share my belief of incorporating yoga (and fitness) into our daily modern lifestyle. I also teach at my own studio in Kennedy Town on a weekly basis.

I was driven to start CorpYoga in 2017 as I was diagnosed with early stage cancer in late 2016. It was one of the darkest times in my life; but having a lifestyle to routinely practice yoga daily really kept me strong. Through this experience, I built my platform with the aim to share my lifestyle (of waking up at 5.30am to start my day with yoga or a run, to balance the demands of my job with my personal life) with busy individuals in a bustling city like Hong Kong. Growing CorpYoga day by day and teaching at IRIS – the biggest yoga festival in Hong Kong are big milestones for me. Apart from my love for practicing yoga, I’m also an avid hiker and love diving (though it’s more leisure than a fitness activity).

My message to #TEAMBUSYWOMAN: Do what you love and work hard to build on your passion. And if doing what you love doesn’t earn you the income you want, then work on the side for it until it one day grows to be your main focus. Many people have a crazy amount of ideas and are passionate about it all, but not many will pursue it for various reasons like not having enough time, the passion won’t generate income, or just simply distracted and the passion dies. If you believe in your project, stay persistent and keep going.

My favourite city: New York (I just love that it’s so energetic and diverse) and Hawaii (if I can call it a city, because I love nature and the scenery is so picturesque, plus there are tons of outdoor activities to do).