Community Ambassador: Celine Djohan

Community Ambassador: Celine Djohan

"Love the process, love the journey, as it is the one that will make you the truest you at the end of the day. Be aligned with your life goals and values daily, always keep yourself in check and don’t be afraid to ask for help whenever it is needed."

Graduating with a Journalism Degree from the University of Washington, I've often been bombarded by “why”s as it wasn’t what someone would typically take in college. Nevertheless, I am grateful for following my dreams, instead of what others expected of me.

Having worked at PTT Family (Potato Head Jakarta / Bali / Singapore’s Head Office) as a media relations assistant and the Union Group as a marketing manager of Cork&Screw, I gained experiences in public relations and marketing skills that would push me further to find my calling.

I am passionate about all things beauty. Talk to me about foundations, primers, blushes… and we’ll be best friends in no time. In my free time, I review beauty products on my Instagram and blog. As I love dabbling in photography, all the pictures on my feed are shot by myself too.

One thing I realized after two years of doing what I do as a hobby is the lack of authenticity in this area, especially with the rise of social influencers. Therefore, I always aim to bring my readers and audience non-biased, non-sponsored reviews. I try to incorporate what I learnt from journalism school and the Blogger Code of Ethics to raise standards of what I think a good review is. Other than beauty reviews, I also write about my journey to finding my authentic self. Since it is a lifelong process, someday I would want a space to look back to see how far I’ve come.

Aside from my personal blog, I also juggle my time between my two brands - NIKOLASH and By/Djo. Everyone can be an entrepreneur in today’s world, but being a successful entrepreneur is a different thing and that’s who I strive to be.

Together with #TEAMBUSYWOMAN, I hope to be able to share my story loud and proud, especially in a country in Indonesia, where gender expectations have already been set even before I was born. Women crave to be heard but do not exactly know how or where to start. I believe #TEAMBUSYWOMAN will change that.