Community Ambassador: Chanamon

Community Ambassador: Chanamon

“Balance is key in every aspect of life.”

Sawasdeeka! I'm Chanamon (or Chana for short) – a full-time 21-year-old law student, a big foodie, a health enthusiast, and a wanderlust at heart. My current goal is to graduate with the best grades as possible, but also manage my schedule well to fit in fitness and travel.

My mindset in life has changed a lot since I've started my fitness journey. To be honest, I first got into fitness for this sole reason: I wanted to fit my chubby body into my prom dress. However, from this little transformation, I learnt the importance of discipline, commitment, and ultimately adopted fitness as part of my daily routines and lifestyle.

Guilty as charged – food is still my biggest enemy and I indulge in sweet treats from time to time. I am also obsessed with avocado, especially avocado toast (so boys, now you know the way to my heart ;)). I have a sweet tooth and I give in to my cravings at times…but I’ve learnt not to beat myself up about it!

One important thing that I’ve discovered through this process, and which I’ve since been using as my life motto is BALANCE. This is what I want to share with #TEAMBUSYWOMAN. I work hard, but I also play hard.

My favorite workout plan is Kayla Itsines’ Bikini Body Guide Program (BBG) as I’m able to do this anytime / anywhere, with minimal equipment needed. No more excuses, ladies!