Community Manager: Dara Roa

Community Manager: Dara Roa

"Knowing that what I am working on affects lives in a positive way... no matter how small, gives me a sense of fulfilment. Since we are only here for a while, let’s make it count!"

I wear many hats and try my very best to juggle all of it with infectious energy. To start with, my favourite role of all is being a wife to my husband - Daniel Roa and being a mom to my 20 year old daughter - Thea, and to my 7 year old son - Lucas. They are my source of life and inspiration. I love them so dearly.

I am always in search for individuals or projects that will better a community or serve a bigger purpose. These things make me feel alive, motivated and inspired.

This is why I was extremely excited when Ruby approached me to launch the Philippine chapter of The Busy Woman Project with her. Through #TEAMBUSYWOMAN, it will give me a chance to impact lives of women (and hopefully men too) who, like me, have their daily struggles, challenges, doubts, and frustrations that they need to overcome. It is an honour to be able to provide them with guidance and inspiration to push forward and continue to be better for themselves and the people around them.

In my professional world:

  • I am owner & chief creator of a Brand Experience Studio called Collab Contessa. Here, we help brands infuse personality and life into their communications and experiences through events and social media to reach & resonate with individuals from various groups & interests while sticking to the brand’s DNA.
  • I am also Co-founder of The Gourmand Market - a 3-day food market that happens 6 times a year to bring in a community of foodies of all ages to enjoy start-up food purveyors & budding chefs who would like to try their hand at food retail. The market is on its 4th year and continues to be a very effective jump point for restaurateurs.
  • Next up, I am Co-founder of SPARQ - a travel tour group with a purpose of enriching entrepreneurs and professionals with an end goal of creating dynamic and inspiring business ecosystems in the Philippines. Last year, we took entrepreneurs & professionals to Silicon Valley & Singapore.
  • Last, but not the least, I am GM of LOST PH - the very first escape room experience in the country to make use of technology for advanced gameplay and more realistic experience.