The Busy Woman Project Founding Team

"Hello! I'm Jas. My desire with the brands I've founded (The Busy Woman Project & is to first raise the self-awareness & consciousness of highly-motivated people living across Asia, and provide a community for individuals to live authentically.

We are constantly on the go for more, aspiring to live the good life - to have a great job, great life...but, what does that mean for you exactly? What is it that is important to you; not your parents', nor your peers', nor society's?

Many of my life transitions / decisions were questionable by the people around me: I left a role in Investment Banking. I 'over-partied'. I chose to take an alternative route despite getting top grades in high school - these are NOT in-line with society's conventional definitions of success.

People will always talk and judge. More importantly, what is YOUR own version of personal & professional success? What is something that will motivate you to bounce back from challenges? This is not to say that I've got everything figured out. I was, still am and will always be a WIP - currently working towards developing a sustainable business & brand, and building on my strength in character.

Although many situations in life can be less than perfect, I hope to inspire more individuals to see that, just like you & me, many people around us have or is going through a 'dark' point in his/her life. Through numerous conversations and learnings, even the typical success stories and people who seem to have it all, don't.

It is OK to not be perfect, to not fit in conventional stereotypes, and to be vulnerable - without shame and judgement.

With this, I strongly believe in developing one's mental, physical and social health & resilience - to use them as strategic tools for a meaningful job, and a fulfilling life."

  • My intention for the year: one of resilience - to consistently reflect and gain awareness on what's important to me, at this point in my life.
  • Driven by growth, experiences and inspired by strength, drive & ambitions.
  • Learns best through each individual's experiences and especially enjoy simple, open conversations with people.
  • Intrigued by: Growth hacking in various stages of business for purpose-driven brands.
  • Go-to destress spots in Singapore: Indoor Cycling at CruCycle; Weights at Field Assembly; HIIT at Haus Athletics

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bernardette yzelman Bernardette Y.: Roles - Operations & Creative; Runs Family Business in Medical & Rehab Supplies; Empowered by Love

"I am a tech entrepreneurial designer and developer, who loves to build digital experiences that leave the world in a better place. Getting involved with The Busy Woman Project is well aligned with my passion and a natural project to for me to join in.

A motivation for hopping on board with The Busy Woman Project is my Finnish values. I come from a culture where women are on an equal footing with men - noticeably more so than in Asia. Finland, after all, was the first country in the world to implement truly universal full suffrage.

Amidst my busy lifestyle, I like bouldering because it keeps me sane."