Community Ambassador: Genna

Community Ambassador: Genna

"I really do believe that the only person “you” are destined to become is the person you “decide” to be."

Hey all you Busy Women! I’m Genna, a new Entrepreneur, a Summer lovin’ and free spirited kinda gal. I first started Highlight Asia, a PR, Marketing and Events agency in 2016. So far it’s been an incredible journey of finding my role as a woman and girl boss in the work place, plus the challenges that us women face everyday, especially as a female entrepreneur.

What do I live by? Living life to the fullest! I really do believe that the only person “you” are destined to become is the person you “decide” to be.

Life is really all about being persistent. Persistence is key to reaching our passions and goals in our everyday life. We are in complete control of our life and are given the opportunity every day to make conscious decisions towards our destiny and daily happiness.

If you want something, go get it! If you're unhappy, what can you do to change that? You pave your opportunities and pursuit of happiness!

With #TEAMBUSYWOMAN, I’d like to help others find the positive in the negative, especially in the workplace. I feel there is a constant battle of questions on a day to day basis for women. Such as…Am I good enough? Do I have the abilities to do X and X? Am I creative enough? Am I a good boss?

It’s easy for your mind to run off path with self limiting beliefs, and we do forget, especially when times are tough, to find the lesson and solution in each situation.

Whenever I feel off-balance…fitness leads me back! Funnily enough, when I do lose balance, it is because I haven’t worked out in weeks. I do think high intensity workouts such as High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is a great tool to train your mind in finding that inner motivation, but also getting you feeling good and most importantly, “strong”.

Favourite City - Hmmm, I’m gonna replace the word city with island!
I’ve spent all my life in multiple big cities, but I’m a true island girl at heart.

If I’m not in Hong Kong, you’ll most probably find me in Bali or the Philippines scuba diving or on a surfboard. I just can’t get enough of the ocean!

If you ever want to chat over coffee or tea - holla at Genna via her IG profile!