About The Busy Woman Project:

Targeted at the epidemic of stress in Asia, The Busy Woman Project, as a lifestyle brand & community, aims to empower women & the people around them to be resilient and to lead more fulfilled lives through health, as a means towards greater diversity, well-being & global economic growth. This is largely done through their online content platform and offline events / corporate workshops.

Why? To provide a lifestyle solution and long-term prevention towards mental & physical illnesses associated with stress, burnout, unhappiness, loneliness - by being self-aware and well - to lead lives on your own terms.

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To redeem:

Please present your Broc & Bells profile at Higher Ground Fitness. All individuals must have signed up with a valid Facebook / LinkedIn account. If you haven't, kindly sign up here - no registration fees.

Email: [email protected] for the slot you'd like to attend. Schedule.


Short for Broccoli & Dumbbells, is an online platform facilitating meaningful social connections for health-conscious busy people - find your SweatBuddy!

Members can join for free – browse profiles and connect with other like-minded people over your favorite healthy gym & cafe hangouts and similar lifestyle choices.

Using fitness and health as a tool to connect people, Broc & Bells believes that social relationships are to be treasured and is the cornerstone of any meaningful community.

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1x complimentary class - Power Plate Vibration Training at Higher Ground Fitness.

Ready to do your push-ups & squats on those power plates? Expect a combination of strength, cardio, HIIT & circuit! The vibrations are said to help with blood circulation, as well as the flushing out of toxins - speeding up exercise recovery to be stronger.

Location: 695c E Coast Rd, Singapore 459059

Questions? Please email: [email protected].