Community Ambassador: Kate Telge

Community Ambassador: Kate Telge

“I love what I do because I get to help women push themselves to reach limits they did not even know were possible.”

As a personal trainer, most of my days are spent working with clients and teaching group fitness classes at BASE – a boutique fitness studio in Bangkok. When I’m not sneaking in a quick nap, I can usually be found meal prepping or geeking out to a health textbook in a neighborhood café.

I try to inspire women to live healthy, vibrant lives where they celebrate being fit, strong, and confident. I get excited when I see the ripple effect that taking ownership of one’s health can have on other areas of my clients’ lives - from careers to relationships and everything in between.

I stay busy and challenge myself to new heights by competing in races and events in Thailand and neighboring countries. I recently came in with the best timing for women in the Malaysia Spartan Race, and look forward to the race in Thailand in 2017. I also love traveling and have been fortunate enough to explore over 25 countries, and hope to reach 100 some day.

I’m excited to be part of the diverse #TEAMBUSYWOMAN tribe where like-minded, badass ladies have come together to build each other up. I want to reach out to YOU to live better, both mentally and physically.