Community Ambassador: Kays Prasithpongchai

Community Ambassador: Kays Prasithpongchai

“I strongly believe that you need to learn to love yourself, live for yourself and be good enough for yourself, before you can give your love to anyone else.”

Hi! I’m Kays, a 26-going-on-27 year old girl living in Bangkok. When I’m not in the office, you will probably find me in the gym sweating off last weekend’s guilt, at the newest cafes Instagramming my good looking brunch, or on the beach with my sandy feet and salty hair.

I am in the process of discovering who I am and what I want (I already know what I don’t want) and I feel like my life is going through a transitional phase - I am growing and morphing in ways which I do not yet understand. But what keeps me the most motivated is the fact that no one else controls my life except me. I am the captain of this ship that I call life. I am the writer of this novel and no one else can write my chapters for me.

Next ups on my list include taking a Pilates Instructor Training course to inspire others, taking my blog forward and be more involved with The Busy Woman Project!

I am all about the raw personalities. It gives me a new perspective when people tell me about their saddest stories, about their biggest heartbreaks and their worst fears - those who do not just try to impress me with their noble stories. I don’t stumble across those people very often, but when I do, they really create an impact on my life. When people open up to you, it also makes you feel good that they trust you and it makes it easier to open up to them too, and I like that about connecting with other people.

With #TEAMBUSYWOMAN, I want to inspire people to eat well, dress well and live well. I want to inspire people to exercise and eat their rainbows - it creates a significant amount of change for you both mentally and physically.

The world would be a much better place if everyone uplifted one another, don’t you think?!

Favorite workout…? The best booty class in town's called Booty Lovers at The Edge Boutique Gym. I was never into squats or anything like that until this year. This class definitely leaves your booty poppin’! The trainer, Paulina is a Mexican model and she pushes you till your booty is about to burst - so whoever is after those apple bottom jeans, you know where you have to go to!


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