Community Ambassador: Meaghan See

Community Ambassador: Meaghan See

“I live by doing what keeps me going every day and what makes me happy. Why do what makes you unhappy and what stops you from going?”

I am a lawyer and I typically spend my day at the office behind two huge screens. I've always been pretty active and get restless easily so I wake up early in the mornings before work to go for a run or do my own workout at home, if I don't have a class to teach. That would get the ants out of me for at least half the day spent sitting down at my desk. In the evenings, I'm either teaching a class at Anthem Indoor Cycling or WeBarre or if I have a free evening, at Yoga Movement for some quality "me" time.

My recent achievements are definitely being certified to teach at WeBarre and Anthem. Teaching makes my day complete – I can't describe fully enough in words the sense of satisfaction I feel after I know I've given my WeBarrers/Riders the workout they need or never knew they needed to start or end their day. When I thank each one of them for coming to class, I really mean it because they too have given me the best start or end to my day. This sense of satisfaction and fulfilment is what drives me every day to wake before dawn and to give a 110% to my classes; knowing that each person has made the special effort and time to come for my class inspires and drives me immensely, to get stronger, push harder and go further.

When I first came across The Busy Woman Project on Instagram, I was instantly curious because I thought "hey that's me". I know that there are loads of other Busy Women out there, whether with pursuing their careers, getting through school, being a mother, and beyond all that, who are finding time to do what they're passionate in. There's only 24 hours in a day and only so much you can accomplish in a day – but hey, there are 24 hours in a day and there's so much you can complete in a day. My days are all about prioritizing and making time to do what matters most to me.

I hope that by being a part of #TEAMBUSYWOMAN, I am able to reach out to like-minded women, who think that they are alone in juggling multiple responsibilities at once (voluntary or involuntary), who need a forum to speak to someone(s) who may know what they are going through, to bounce ideas off with, to just chill or even sweat it out with. After all, behind every successful woman, stands a #girlsquad (I may have made this one up)!

Favorite city is, hands down, San Francisco. That place inspired me in more ways than one, and has kept me inspired since the first time I visited the city. The city is the reason why I am where I'm at right now. The people, weather, food, lifestyle… none can beat (in my opinion of course).


Photo credits: WeBarre