Community Ambassador: Nun

Community Ambassador: Nun

“I won’t stop when I am tired but I will stop when I am done.”

Hello, my name is Yossaya Vijitkornthong (a.k.a. Nun) and I am 27 years old. I am the Director of my own makeup studio Yossaya Makeup Studios, an Indoor Cycling Instructor at Ommo Studios, as well as a Creative Director and Designer for my own Thai apparel brand Spicy Loyal Bangkok. I love to stay busy and work on multiple projects simultaneously as I believe that the value of a person comes from what they have learnt and accomplished through hard work.

Previously, I spent some time living in the UK and had the most amazing and memorable experience, working alongside a famous makeup artist, Lan Nguyen. I was also a writer for a special column in a Thai publication Cheeze Magazine covering Fashion Week.

“Makeup is my life; Fashion is my soul; Gym is my house.”

Passion is what drives me and keeps me going to achieve the dreams that I have – I am glad that all the roles I have been in are what I am passionate about, and that I am really fortunate to be able to pursue them at such a young age. In my free time, I love to workout and discover new places as they give me inspiration and help me to stay positive.

My life goal is to be kind to people around me, to inspire others and to have a successful career. Through teaching Indoor Cycling, I am able to reach out to and support others who are looking to be healthy. Apart from my work, I also have to take care of my grandmother as she has a heart disease and is currently ill. Family and love play a huge part in my life.

The most important thing for me in life is to live happily and share this happiness with others in the #TEAMBUSYWOMAN community.

My favorite city is Venice, Italy and my favorite designer is a Thai local designer Vatanika.