Community Manager: Ruby Gan

Community Manager: Ruby Gan

"I have always believed in 'Defying the Norm'. I would like to shatter the thinking that women are limited because of their gender and age."

I am an entrepreneur who has been into fitness for as long as I can remember. Being fit gives me an overall positive aura that is contagious - one that can inspire others.

I have always believed in “Defying the Norm”. This has been my personal mantra; not because I have a huge chip on my shoulder, but because I want to push myself and see how far my body will respond.

I am an indoor boxing instructor at and Lagree certified instructor. Of all the activities that I have done, it is weights training that I love the most because it complements all the other activities that I do. When not training, I love quiet moments by the pool or the beach. And, I should not forget shopping - I love heels and kicks equally!

With #TEAMBUSYWOMAN, I would like to be the best that I can be in all aspects and serve as an inspiration and to continue to motivate others. It is okay to not fit in according to today's society expectations. I'd like to cover this more until it becomes ingrained in the minds of everyone.