Community Ambassador: Tasha

Community Ambassador: Tasha

"Truth is - humans are imperfect, but we have infinite capacity (if one chooses) for continuous progress."

My sole mission in life is to be the best version of myself. To continue to strive to be better, in knowledge, in character, in my soul, in my body, and in every aspect of myself. I see this as a fundamental responsibility to this life I live.

In fitness, this drive towards continuous progress is much more direct because the beautiful reality about fitness is that fitness doesn’t lie. What I put in is what I’ll get and the greater my commitment, the greater the benefits. There are no shortcuts, there are no cheats; fitness (therefore, health and wellness) is a never-ending pursuit.

There’s always room to improve. There’s always ways to do better. At the core of it, ​fitness to me is about connection. It’s the connection I am making with myself and it’s about the​ ​connection​ ​I am able to impart and receive from the individuals I come to interact with. With #TEAMBUSYWOMAN, I'd like to spread this culture, lifestyle - it’s a way of life.

Fitness is an everyday reminder of how lucky I am to be alive in this body I have been gifted​. ​​I​f there’s one great lesson I hold on to is that all life is is what’s happening right now. The past has gone, the future is unknown, all I can know for certain is right here in the now.

All the change I wish to impart in myself and on others is about seizing what's here in the now and fitness is my medium.​