Community Ambassador: Tayo

Community Ambassador: Tayo

"Together, we share one common goal - and that is to incorporate fitness & better living into our daily lives to stay healthy and feel fabulous."

Hi, ladies! I'm Tayo :) I came across The Busy Woman Project recently and knew right away it was something I wanted to be a part of!

The girls I have met through the community are simply amazing and inspirational. They are not the typical fitness models you see on Instagram with flawless abs and round booties, but rather, your everyday women - all extremely beautiful in their own ways and with different lifestyles.

My own fitness journey first began several years ago when I received a step tracker for my birthday. It made me start getting out of my chair at my 9-5 desk job more often to take random walks to the water cooler or faraway bathrooms, and go on walks and hikes during my free time. I lost the Freshman Fifteen weight I gained in college and I have fallen in love with being active ever since! Nowadays I do yoga, circuit training, and have recently started weight lifting. I also love to travel and am a huge foodie at heart.

To all you ladies in #TEAMBUSYWOMAN, I'm looking forward to meeting more of you girls. Feel free to contact me anytime you need a sweat buddy, travel companion, or foodie friend! Let's continue to motivate and inspire one another, go Team! :)