Are You For Women?

For Women: Businesses that are Women-led and/or majority Women-owned, or programs specifically designed to benefit the Women. Community

We all speak of change and making the world a better place, but change actually begins with us, and whatever little steps we can take.

What do you spend your hard-earned money on, and where does it go? Does your dollar go towards an active wear company that practices gender equality, and gives their female employees equal opportunities in top management? Or perhaps, it goes towards a business that provides women in impoverished communities safe jobs that help better the community as a whole. Does it go towards experiences that empower fellow Women to live, feel and be better?

According to a United Nations report in 2016, ”on average, women still earn twenty-four percent less than men globally.” In a world where we are steadily becoming more and more connected, do not doubt that your purchasing decisions can make a difference!

With the financial independence many of us have acquired, the choice on how, where and what we spend on, lies in our hands. Just like how you have the power to vote for someone you want to represent you in government, you too, have the power to uplift women entrepreneurs, and/or support businesses that empower women!

How can you start to make a difference?

Man or Woman, we can begin by looking at supporting businesses that are women owned or women-led. Perhaps you’re purchasing birthday gifts for your colleagues at work, and have chosen to buy the gift from a small woman owned business. That’s awesome! But don’t stop there! You can take it a step further, by telling the gift recipients on the gift card where their gift is from, and how they can do their part, just like you’ve done yours.

Perhaps the business has programs that help women live better lives. Whether it benefits women’s health (e.g. Women’s only fitness bootcamps or boxing classes), their relationships or their careers, you can help promote these businesses via word-of-mouth, and through social media.

Perhaps they practice transparency in terms of wage, and it is clear that both men and women have the opportunities and resources to improve their standings for that upcoming promotion.

Perhaps they encourage work-life balance for mothers/mothers-to-be, allow a flexible work arrangement, so new moms can slowly but surely get back into their work. They could have transparent hiring practices that do not discriminate on women who want to eventually become mothers.

Spread awareness on these "For Women" businesses through your blogs, social media feeds, or simply to your friends/family, and practice what you preach by exercising your purchasing power. If everyone does a little to play their part, the shared goal of gender equality can be achieved!

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