FREE SHOUTOUT for 'For Women Empowerment' Small Businesses / Individuals in the HEALTH, BOUTIQUE FITNESS & WELLNESS space in ASIA

FREE SHOUTOUT for 'For Women Empowerment' Small Businesses / Individuals in the HEALTH, BOUTIQUE FITNESS & WELLNESS space in ASIA


Yes! We will be doing FREE shoutouts on our social media feeds for For Women Empowerment* Brands, Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Founders, Bloggers / Influencers in the HEALTH, BOUTIQUE FITNESS & WELLNESS space present in ASIA - both existing and aspiring.

"If all girls were taught how to love each other fiercely instead of how to compete with each other..." - Nikita Gill

It's never easy being a Busy Woman. It's never easy juggling multiple roles simultaneously. We want to support fellow women - how about YOU?

Shall we spread some positive vibes, together?


TO BE FEATURED, please tag @thebusywomanproject on Instagram AND hashtag #NUConnective + #BadassNU.

Feel free to tell us alittle more about yourself + your business and what you're trying to achieve!

Share some love and show us your inspiring girlfriends / their businesses!

For any enquiries, please email [email protected].


Both existing & aspiring 'For Women Empowerment'* Brands, Businesses, Entrepreneurs, Bloggers / Influencers in the Health, Boutique Fitness & Wellness space present in Asia

• Athleisure Brand Owners
• Bloggers
• Boutique Fitness Instructors
• Boutique Fitness Studio Owners
• Founders of Social Enterprises for Women
• Healthy Eats Café Owners
• Healthy Snack Owners
• Holistic Wellness
• Influencers
• Nutritionists
• Online Training Program Brand Owners
• Operations related Personnel (BD / Marketing / Sales)
• Personal Trainers
• Yoga / Pilates Instructors, etc

*Majority Women-owned/led, as well as companies that make a conscious effort to empower Women & promote gender equality through programs or in-house policies.



Over the past couple of months, we have interacted with so many lovely Busy Women living in Asia. We are so thankful to have connected or are about to get to know YOU! Of which, we’ve met many ladies who currently have:

  • Small businesses / brands in the Health, Boutique Fitness & Wellness space (Nutritionists, Coaches, Boutique Fitness Studio Owners, Healthy Snacks Brands / Healthy Eats Cafes Owners, etc);
  • Full time jobs but are looking to pursue their passion in Health, Boutique Fitness & Wellness in multiple capacities (Bloggers, Influencers, ‘Aspiring’ Entrepreneurs, Holistic Wellness Centres, PTs, Boutique Fitness Instructors, etc)

We want to keep doing what we do and, at the same time, further support this amazing bunch of womenpreneurs, fitspos, to-be mompreneurs by sharing the wonderful concepts & offerings these ladies are creating!

With our platform, we will be connecting and promoting curated For Women Empowerment founders / small businesses in Asia, as well as further supporting their growth – the little things that can support Busy Women to live better! At the same time, only businesses that would be beneficial to our community to live better will be supported on this platform.


The Busy Woman Project connects, empowers & inspires Busy Women living in Asia to live, feel and be better.

In today’s society, women are juggling multiple roles, both professionally and at home - entrepreneur, partner, student, mom, working professional, wife, friend, frequent traveller and so on (I am sure you are a very Busy Woman too!).

With so much on our plates, there are times when things can be alittle overwhelming, times when we strive to find that ‘balance’, times when we wished we had more support or someone to look up to….

We created this initiative for these very reasons - to provide the support & structure to Busy Women via our community, as well as to For Women small businesses / individuals in the Health, Boutique Fitness & Wellness industry in Asia. We want women to live, feel and be better.

We hope to achieve our objective and reach out to more Busy Women through multiple touchpoints including content on Boutique Fitness, Healthy Eats, inspirational Busy Women stories, as well as on-the-ground events.

Since the launch of the initiative in October 2016, The Busy Woman Project has held Sweatworking experiences in Bangkok, Hong Kong, Singapore and Shanghai. We also have Community Ambassadors who are based in China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore and Thailand that help connect and support the community locally.

Photo credits: Under Armour