The Busy Woman Project Community Ambassador Program 2018 - 2020

The Busy Woman Project Community Ambassador Program 2018 - 2020

Dear Ladies,

We're super excited to have you be a part of The Busy Woman Project community. #TEAMBUSYWOMAN

  • Read more about us and what we stand for: link
  • Explore the work we do & connections we forge: link
  • Familiarize yourself with the 2018 theme - Resilience and quarterly conversations: link

Known as the Community Ambassador Program, the intention is to celebrate and promote local leaders in Asia - 'everyday' busy women who embody our values (see below). They share our passion and dedication in empowering women & the people around them to lead more fulfilled lives through health, as a means towards greater diversity and well-being.


The group comprises of corporate professionals, entrepreneurs, busy moms, fitness instructors, social influencers. Regardless of your day job or identity, our goal is to create a healthy, social, safe space to help build your personal brands & fulfil your professional goals. A partnership, where both of us can gain, grow and achieve.

Each Ambassador's experience is unique to the individual.


In order to better align your interests and goals with ours, we would love to hear your intentions and goals for 2018/19.

  1. Personal, Professional, Health goals (e.g. to develop my interest / talent in writing & photography, and impact the lives of people around me through storytelling - who knows, perhaps score a paid gig with my hobby!)

  2. Is there a message / initiative you want to champion, or a topic(s) that you'd like to see being covered more?

  3. What can we do together, and how can we support you better? (e.g. I want to lead small focus groups to connect with more women who inspire my work and cultivate real conversations)

  4. What and how do you see yourself contributing to The Busy Woman Project this year? (content, events, etc.)

  5. Are there any individuals or businesses you'd like to connect us with to help spread our message to a wider audience across different cities, communities and corporates?


1. Get Setup!

Should you require any customized designs, e.g. banner size of xx for your page, please do feel free to contact us. (details below)

2. Sharing is Caring

  • Frequency: Monthly, and/or when local community online campaigns/events take place)
  • Via social media, email, WhatsApp to networks
  • Be our evangelists - love the things we are doing together? Help spread the word and refer your networks to join the platform
  • Likewise, please openly share your events / agenda that you'd like to push out so we can cross-market them
  • Travelling / moving to a different city in Asia? Tap on our networks - ask to be connected with other ambassadors, community members, etc.

3. Content Contribution / In-person Community Engagement Activities

  • Frequency: Quarterly
  • Through journal posts, video / audio, photography, meetups, co-hosting day events
  • Ongoing online interactions with the community through social media, #TEAMBUSYWOMAN hashtags & closed Facebook group

Feedback & Opportunities - ONGOING

Contribute to the The Busy Woman Project's platform growth and design process i.e. we are positively open to suggestions and feedback on direction, content & events.

As a growing platform, it would really mean alot to us if you'd openly share ideas and feedback with the team. Know a way that we can reach out to an underserved group in your city? Hearing problems on mental health from your own circles? Drop us a message (all our personal contact details are below).


Our “Busy Woman” leads a Busy lifestyle. She dreams. She travels to explore the world, grows, acknowledges her flaws, is committed to bettering herself and finds the time to fit in her priorities. She places her health & wellness as her priority and is passionate about reaching out to other Women to inspire them to lead an active & healthy lifestyle too. She shares the eagerness to make a difference to the world around us.

Things we value:

  1. Authenticity. A willingness to be vulnerable.
  2. Drive & Ambitions. For health, personal and professional goals.
  3. Passion. To stand for something - wellness, arts, fashion, diversity, environment - and wanting to make a difference to the collective.
  4. Love & Kindness. We can all do with abit more of that in this world, eh?
  5. Connections. Values real human connections, across borders.

X The Busy Woman Project Team
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Contact details:
LinkedIn | IG | FB | WhatsApp: +65 9800 1221 | Email: [email protected]

WhatsApp: +65 9363 9387