2018 theme: RESILIENCE

2018 theme: RESILIENCE

Why do some people suffer from real adversity & setbacks, but are able to bounce back quicker from those challenges?

In 2018, The Busy Woman Project set its intentions to raise awareness on building resilience; with a focus on overall wellbeing.

Resilient people have been theorised to possess three characteristics: a firm acceptance of reality; a deep belief that life is meaningful, and exceptional improvisation skills.

Quarterly focus themes are curated in a manner to encourage individuals to join in the self-discovery process together with the rest of the community - to look inwards to better understand self, take action, and bring this to the interactions with the collective & environment.



  1. AWARENESS (self)
  2. ACTION (little steps to discover & create positive, lasting habits)
  3. IMPACT (foster supportive environments for both men & women to thrive, and make a difference to other people through health & wellbeing)

What YOU can do:

  • Online: Read our quarterly theme thought pieces below / on our Journal.

  • Join #IRL Events - Look out for our upcoming gatherings where you can meet amazing busy individuals, chat, and be inspired by one another! Happening across Asia here.

  • Social Media - Follow us on IG • FB • LinkedIn #teambusywoman.

  • Impact a Friend - Cause, YOU, have the capability to impact a person, a collective, and make a difference - today. Share with your buddy(s) who can join you on this self-discovery journey, together.

  • Collaborate with us! Brands, Individuals, let's curate campaigns and experiences for the broader community across Asia to be well amidst our busy schedules! Email us.

1st Quarter 2018: Leading a Purposeful Life

Purpose may seem daunting to some - but all it actually means is, what is it you can do with your time that is important to you?

"When you’re going through hardship, something that is ultimately temporary and fleeting, can you place your focus and fire on your timeless “why” to help you get through that obstacle and continue to work towards fulfilling a meaningful vision and goal?"

Thought pieces (online content):

  • HK Olympic Athlete shares about her purpose. link
  • 5 tips to find your purpose - wisdom from a 20+ year board & corporate veteran. link
  • What are your values? Living your purpose and making an impact first requires you to stand for something. link
  • A Japanese concept: Ikigai - reason for being. link
  • Viktor Frankl: Man's Search for Meaning - If you have a deep-rooted “why” behind your living, you’ll find a reason to survive, to be resilient, to be gritty. link

On-the-ground learnings (offline events):

  • Actionable insights from Fireside Chat - Move & Live HK: What is Your Life's Purpose? link
  • Actionable insights from Fireside Chat - Living My Purpose SG: Living Purpose & Building Purpose-Driven Brands link

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2nd Quarter 2018: Overcoming Limiting Barriers

We've been exploring purpose - finding it, living it and creating an impact with it. But many of us find ourselves stuck at the threshold of "living it", being unable to push past a certain invisible barrier, called self-limiting beliefs.

Beliefs: "an acceptance that something exists or is true, especially one without proof."

This implies that these limiting beliefs that we have, are most likely a figment of our imagination! So why do we hold on to these beliefs doggedly when they hold us back from being our best selves?

Exploring the reasons behind this psyche, we hope each of you reading this (and us too), take the opportunity to delve into ourselves and allow for an honest introspection. Do we hold beliefs that prevent us from being the person we want to be? Are our beliefs shaped by subconscious biases, ingrained in us over the years - our childhood, education, support systems?

Can we take the necessary action to step out to step up?

If we make it a practice to step out of our comfort zones and to break free of self-limiting beliefs, we develop 'exceptional improvisation skills' along the way, building up our resilience. So no matter what lemons life decides to throw at us, we keep coming back stronger and better!

Thought pieces (online content):

  • Stories overheard on self-limiting barriers - "I don't have enough resources to start my own business." link
  • The Science, by an Olympic Athlete Coach: What actually happens when you step out of your comfort zone. link
  • "I can't meditate". A self limiting belief or? Top myths debunked. link
  • Offset your fears with this 10-min activity. link

3rd Quarter 2018: Productivity, Technology and Being Fully Present in Life

Being productive means we have more time to be fully engaged with, and enjoy life more! So how can we be more productive? Well, use technology of course!

From smart homes to smart phones. From games to social networking to dating, to mobile learning etc. The variety of web & phone applications available for download is astounding! With statistics like 178.1bn of mobile apps downloaded worldwide in 2017, one can only wonder just how many apps do we really use daily?

According to the American Psychological Association, the average U.S. smartphone user touches their phone 2,617 times a day; with 86% of the surveyed checking email, texts and social media “constantly” or “often”. Are we in control of technology, or is technology controlling us, distracting us and affecting our health?

When we realize what helps us to be more productive, and consciously get rid of those that do not simplify our lives; we can start to look up, and get fully involved in the present moment!

Aside from tech, the habits and routines that we stick to, can either make or break our attempts to improve productivity! Being aware of our actions throughout the day, can have a great impact on how well we engage with work (minus those distractions), life and the people around us.

Anything of any worth requires effort. But effort alone is not the sole indicator of success and performance. Putting in more hours does not necessarily yield an immediate advantage.

What we are looking for are tools for focus, efficiency - to take productive action for a better, healthier life to fuel your meaningful ambitions.

We’re not looking to be just busy. “Busy” is often associated with sleep deprived, caffeine addicted, sedentary, exhaustion and dragging through the day. That’s not us.

We have higher goals than that. We want to do work that matters. We want to make a difference, to perform at our peak - to be conscious busy.

Are you ready?

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The Busy Woman Project aims to provide a lifestyle solution and long-term prevention towards mental & physical illnesses associated with stress, burnout, unhappiness, loneliness - by bringing individuals together to be self-aware and well mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, socially. Read more about us here.

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