What is Jamu? Health Benefits of Turmeric

What is Jamu? Health Benefits of Turmeric

"Let food be thy medicine and medicine be thy food." - Hippocrates

Who loves a good Turmeric Golden Milk Latte or turmeric-based drink? (We know Grassroots Pantry does a pretty mean Turmeric Chai cup ;)) Apart from it being a comforting, delicious drink, are you conscious of what you're putting into your body and the associated benefits & uses?

"Turmeric is a 'superfood hero' and the 'grand daddy' of all spices. Beyond its well acclaimed anti-inflammatory powers (due to the antioxidant called curcumin), turmeric rejuvenates liver cells and aids the liver function by cleaning the blood and eliminating unwanted toxins from the liver." Lower risk of chronic diseases, detox and a clearer complexion, anyone?

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When ancient wisdom meets modern remedy. 'Jamu' is a traditional Indonesian herbal medicine made from turmeric, ginger, and other herbs. We speak with Katharina Bleinis of JAHMU Tonics to find out how else we can use the turmeric tonic to better support our Busy lifestyles. JAHMU was inspired by the streets of Bali and formed after Kat discovered the art of 'jamu' from local Balinese healers. This system of traditional herbal remedies has been passed down for generations that promote inner & outer health and beauty.

Being revered upon in Indonesia for its medicinal superpowers, each traditional turmeric tonic is made in small batches using whole root turmeric, ginger, tamarind, and lots of love to fully activate its nourishing properties.

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Why Turmeric, Ginger & Tamarind?

K: Whether dealing with muscle soreness, aches and pains, or upset stomach, ginger continues to be an all-time favourite ancient old remedy despite its pungent taste. Ginger plays a role as an anti-cancer agent, and when working alongside Turmeric, these two potent herbs do medicinal wonders in healing and protecting the body from unwanted illnesses and diseases. These two main ingredients are two of the most potent antioxidants and anti-cancerous herbs that continue to be revered upon in Southeast Asia, and in Asia entirely.

Tamarind cleans the gut as it acts as a natural laxative, aids digestion, all while boosting the purification process of the liver, creating natural enzymes that clean the blood.

Together, these three ingredients act as an all-round preventative for women to sustain our vitality and wellbeing. There's an Indonesian old folk-tale which expresses that all the princesses in the kingdom would drink the traditional turmeric tonic (a.k.a. Jamu Kunyit Asam) regularly to sustain their health, beauty, and physical longevity to serve the kings.

How can the Turmeric Tonic better support the Busy Woman's daily lifestyle?

K: The concentrated blend of roots + herbs + spices and traditional medicinal elements is designed to balance energy, support the body’s natural defences, and to ultimately restore the wellbeing of a Busy Woman's body while reconnecting us with the goodness of Earth.

As the tonics aid in liver detoxification, they help purify the blood, making the process of our monthly cycle bearable. Cramping in the gut? Ginger and Turmeric are the most potent anti-inflammatory herbs for pain relief due to menstrual cramping.


How about when you're pregnant or breast-feeding - is the tonic safe for consumption?

K: For ladies that are pregnant, the traditional turmeric tonic Jamu Kunyit Asam is not recommended because of the sensitivity of the baby in the womb. Having said that, there are ancient Indonesian jamu concoctions available for each stage of life for women. It is really important for women to know the effects and benefits of the jamu they are drinking, as the potency of the herbal properties (also depending on the dosage) might affect the process of giving birth. The same goes for women that are breast-feeding - certain jamu concoctions might actually prevent women from lactating, depending on the potency and concentration of the bioavailability of the turmeric.

Jamu concoctions are brewed up depending on what ailment a woman seeks. If one is looking for an all-round preventative, it is simply a matter of playing around with the concentration of the jamu variation.

What about Busy Women who struggle to get a fully rested sleep at night?

K: Passionfruit is added to aid Busy Women that suffer from insomnia. Passionfruit contains medicinal properties that act as a mild sedative to help us Busy women feel fully rested after a night's sleep.

Apart from combating insomnia, Passionfruit is a natural collagen producer, loaded up with Vitamins A and C to further enhance our skin’s youthful glow. Did I mention that Passionfruit is also good for the gut? This bad boy contains a high source of digestive enzymes, helping you to restore good bacteria back to the gut.

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Originally from Vancouver B.C., Canada, Katharina currently calls Hong Kong home where she continues to grow the health and wellness movement in the society through JAHMU and Yoga. You can flow with her at Kita Yoga and Lemondrop in HK.

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