Who has heard of Marie Kondo? Tidying, Decluttering and Breaking Free with the KonMari Method™

Who has heard of Marie Kondo? Tidying, Decluttering and Breaking Free with the KonMari Method™

Fear, anxiety, resistance and sometimes guilt/shame creeps up when faced with understanding limiting barriers and the task of tidying.

There is a profound relationship between material possession and the state of mind. Our internal states and attitudes may be reflected upon the attachment to possessions and the way we treat them.

Take a moment to look at your clutter. How do they hold you back from progressing towards your goals? How do they reflect your inner and outer world? Is the clutter affecting your well-being and workspace / home environment?

A high commitment of innerwork and self-awareness is necessary to start this process and this means getting out of our comfort zones and be brave in facing up to the littlest of things hiding around. They are linked to the parts that have been swept in the dark corners of ourselves that could make us feel “stuck”.

The KonMari Method™ of tidying based on Marie Kondo’s “ The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up”, is now taking the world by storm because of its simplicity, zen philosophical and spiritual approach to tidying.

The goal is to identify the reasons behind the clutter and ensure we do not relapse into clutter mode again; do it all at once, find what sparks joy, set up a system and make sure each belonging has a home and never needing to do the overhaul again.

A precise order of going through each of these 5 categories (Clothes, Books, Papers, Miscellaneous Items, Sentimental Items) helps to minimize the sense of overwhelm.

declutter tidy compartmentalize

Going through each item to check which “sparks joy” allows one to focus on the positives while thanking those items that will be discarded helps cultivate respect to each item owned.

A gratitude practice, may be a familiar holistic practice in yoga and meditation - but now expands its practical and empowering use in a mundane activity like tidying.

Benefits of Tidying

  • Gain clarity
  • Ability to prioritize with ease
  • Clearer and quicker decision making
  • Gain an insight to what limiting barriers you may unintentionally, subconsciously hold and let them go with gratitude
  • Gain better mental structure and discipline
  • Creating space to live your ideal life

Breaking Through Limiting Barriers

Tidying in this manner is a highly personal and vulnerable process. Personal stories and fears from the past that are linked to an item may surface to allow an understanding to certain learning lessons, acceptance, forgiveness and finally, letting go for closure.

You may find out a behavioural pattern that connects you to a life situation or how much you are holding on to things and emotions that may not really serve you well any longer - making a breakthrough from there once you have let stuff go.


Working Towards Your Ideal Life

You will be surprised how quick the transformational process could be once you are ready to embrace all these parts of yourself you have been shunning from, allowing new possibilities to arise.

This process allows the brain to rewire towards a new way of approach. You may find that your daily thinking processes and behaviours start to shift, bringing more effectiveness and efficacy to your tasks while staying more grounded and clear.

This sense of discipline achieved will be an empowering source towards creating your ideal life.

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Amanda Ling is a holistic practitioner at Align Origins Holistic Wellness and a KonMari Consultant in training in the KonMari Method™ of tidying. She provides professional quality-based complementary healing services in modalities in sound healing with tibetan singing bowls, yoga, decluttering and tidying in the KonMari Method™.

She provides compassionate support and guidance through each individual's experiences and journey, empowering and aligning their health and wellness towards living a meaningful and purposeful life.