'Too Busy' To Date? How to Make Time & Meet Quality People.

'Too Busy' To Date? How to Make Time & Meet Quality People.

Much of the Asian culture is typically tied to family - especially the notion of carrying on the family lineage (i.e. pressure to get married by age 30 for example). As a single woman, questions like "when are you getting married?", "when will you settle down?", "do you have a stable, potential marriage material partner you're seeing?" are questions that increase in frequency as we age. And for those that have made a conscious decision to be single, kudos to you!

What about those of you who do want to find a like-minded partner, but just can't seem to find the time to meet new people amidst your busy schedules, much less date?

Side note: Instead of bowing down to parental, peer & societal pressure and jumping on the bandwagon of "I need to date right now" or "I need to be single right now"; take time to reflect & consider what really is important to you, at this point in time - to align your relationship choices with your mental & emotional needs for your health and wellbeing.

Traditional Ceremony

Whether it is work, school or other personal & professional commitments - often times, 24 hours a day doesn't even seem to be enough to do all that we want to do. Apps and websites that allow people to meet online have been a godsend for many; but a stacked schedule can make it seemingly impossible to take it offline and in real life!


TIP #1: What's Your Type?

It will take nothing short of a miracle to meet someone whom you can check off ALL the boxes on your list. And yes, we know how long that list is... Step 1: People can surprise you, so open your mind and get to know the individual for who they really are. You may surprise yourself too! In any case, nobody is asking you to marry them or pursue a serious long-term relationship immediately ya?

Date Night

TIP #2: Schedule Date Night In

Yes girl. If you really want to meet your special someone, you're going to have to prioritize it in some way, and meet #IRL (in real life). Even if it is just for one evening a week, or even lunch. That gives you the opportunity to actually suggest a time and day, instead of postponing your meetup till work gets less crazy (or any other excuses you have in your bag 😉). Schedule the time-slot in your calendar and commit to it - just like you would for any other work meeting or things that you deem important to you.

Fun Dates

TIP #3: Try New Things

If all your dates involve a movie and a brunch / dinner - things can get downright un-motivating, and you may find yourself coming up with excuses to skip out on a date, or not even planning one at all! Make a list of things you haven't done in awhile, or things that you've never done, or places you've never been and hit that for date night ideas! Go for a live panel event, a networking session, or check out local markets and a cooking session together. There are also outdoor hikes and an abundance of engaging social fitness events & activities around you if health & wellness is your interest and thing.

Now you can still have fun, even if there aren't any sparks ;)


TIP #4: Hit The Gym Together

You've heard it before - the couple that sweats together, stays together. For the busy woman who prioritizes her health and wellbeing (note: gym time = non-negotiable), a like-minded partner can make staying on the straight and narrow a little easier. Whether it is trying our a new sweativity, hitting the same HIIT class together, or taking turns to try out each others' favourite sport, there is no shortage to the variety of things to do & stay active!

If having a partner who values their health & wellness is important to you - why not try out Broc & Bells?

A sister brand of ours - (Short for Broccoli & Dumbbells) BrocnBells.com is a free-to-join social platform to connect like-minded people over health & fitness. You can browse profiles and connect with others over your favorite gym & healthy cafe hangouts.

Bottomline: You'll be sure to clock in that workout, regardless if you & your SweatBuddy hit it off (or not).

broc & bells

If you're a little shy and would much prefer to meet in a group setting, events are frequently held for SweatBuddies to meet up in person - taking those online connections to offline efficiently. Are you committed to meet new people?

Questions? Drop us a note at: [email protected].

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