WTH is... Chiropractic?

WTH is... Chiropractic?

WTH is... a series that touches on the health issues that women all over the world face. Get your facts sorted, and perhaps, finally get the help you deserve. #teambusywoman

This time round, we ask a fellow Busy Woman to share her take on enhancing your lifestyle with chiropractic.

If you’re a modern day woman who runs your own business or is building your way up the corporate ladder, you are probably already trying to seek that perfect work life balance...

...and there is nothing worse than being ill in bed for a good week when you need to be out networking, hitting it hard at the gym or be in the office until 10pm, working on the next deadline.


a system of complementary / alternative medicine based on the diagnosis and manipulative treatment of misalignments of the joints, especially those of the spinal column, which are believed to cause other disorders by affecting the nerves, muscles, and organs.

Most people have heard of a Chiropractor, you may well have even gone to one, but a lot of people still do not understand exactly what a Chiropractor does.

A traditional way to look at Chiropractors is their focus on fixing a symptom like back or neck pain - with a few cracks to the spine and they send you on your way.


That is, however, but a simplistic way of looking at the practice. Whilst pain is horrible and life disrupting, it is just one part of the puzzle that makes up you and your body.

The focus of chiropractic care is to maintain proper alignment of the bones in the spine, ensuring the function of the spine and nerve system to allow the body to work optimally.

In addition to manual adjustments of the spine, the focus of a good Chiropractor is on finding, analysing and addressing core issues in the nerve system that may be affecting you in ways you are aware of, but also in ways that you’re not.

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Your nerve system is made up of 3 parts - your brain (the control centre), your spinal cord (the thick cord in the middle of your spine) and your nerves (the wires that exit the spine out of tiny holes on both sides).

Every thought process you have, every movement you make, every time you digest your food or you fight a bug is controlled by how efficiently your brain can send messages through your nerve system.

If there are blockages in the nerve system (most commonly where the nerves exit out of the spine), this causes reduced adaptability and efficiency in your body, making the body unable to carry out its tasks optimally.

So let’s break this down a little more into how that looks in every day life...

Your immune system is in control of how well you fight bugs that enter your body. If your immune system doesn’t co-ordinate the cells that are needed to fight the bug properly, you end up sicker for longer.

Think of this like going to war. If the commander isn’t told the correct information about the enemy to determine how many troops to send out so he sends out too little, the war may last a lot longer than necessary. But if the commander is given clear information, he can make better decisions and fight the war in a shorter, more efficient time frame.

The job of a Chiropractor is thus to locate, assess and remove blockages within the nerve system to allow your brain and body to communicate in a much clearer way to allow your body to thrive each day.

Through doing this, the body is better able to adapt to a much higher level with whatever life throws at you…late night deadlines, frequent flying, low exercises levels and falling off the healthy eating bandwagon just to name a few.

When the brain and body are able to communicate clearly, amazing things can happen.

At the same time while these blockages are being cleared out, it is also important to understand the underlying causes - what created these stressors in the first place…

You are a product of your lifestyle.

If you eat high sugar, poor quality food, don’t move your body in the correct way and have negative and destructive thought patterns, you can’t expect your body to truly thrive in life.


Article contributed by Dr. Kylie Foster - the Pregnancy & Paediatric Chiropractor. She loves helping women, pregnant mamas, children and babies as young as just a few days old to thrive in the busy Singapore bubble, rather than just simply survive.

Along with her tribe at Organic Family Chiropractic, she is on a mission to provide a safe haven with a VIP experience for people to go for help with a whole range of conditions, away from drugs and away from surgery that keeps all family members healthier and happier for longer.

Chiropractic can be practiced on a variety of people and conditions - from women with thyroid conditions to children who can’t poop or sleep well and others recovering from heart attacks, brain aneurysms and cancer.