Community Managers - Starting a Chapter in Your City

You really should be proud of yourselves. Regardless of where you are in your lives, possessing that intention & dedication to contribute to people and a purpose bigger than yourself is commendable.

Your Role as a Community Manager:

To build a new chapter with The Busy Woman Project in your city. To champion our message and drive this awareness & growth to more individuals in Asia - empowering women & the people around them to be resilient and to lead more fulfilled lives through health, as a means towards greater diversity and well-being. (please read on for Key Responsibilities & list of Resources below)

To encourage individuals in the community to take action for self, as well as foster environments for others to thrive in.


Key Guidelines as a Community Manager:

1. Community Ambassador & Team Recruitment

  • To recommend 4-5 inspiring ladies between ages 18-45 from a variety of backgrounds (health & wellness, arts, fashion, business) to be Community Ambassadors. Regardless of backgrounds, they should be prioritizing certain aspects of their health - whether mental, physical, emotional, social) and/or are looking to share this with more individuals through fostering environments for others to thrive, etc.
  • To read more about existing guidelines for Community Ambassadors: link

2. Online Content

  • To be familiar with theme of the year and quarterly content (please see resources section below)
  • Propose names of individuals / companies in your city to feature
  • Suggest online campaign ideas (viral, community engagement, giveaways, etc) to do in your country / globally

3. Boutique Fitness / Health & Wellness Scene in City

  • To provide updates or have an ambassador share more about the local industry
  • Connect and network with potential partners for events & content

4. Events

  • Be the host of local events in your city - once the initial online outreach efforts have been established, we can then look at co-hosting events together
  • Tap on our event organizing guide

5. Others

  • Any other items that can help grow the community in your city (e.g media coverage)


Just like the Community Ambassador Program you're looking to build in your city to help mentor & learn from one another, we see our relationship as a partnership, where both of us can gain, grow and achieve.

Each of your experience as a Community Manager is unique to the individual too.


In order to better align your interests and goals with ours, we would love to hear your intentions and goals for 2018/19.

  1. Personal, Professional, Health goals (e.g. to develop my interest / talent in writing & photography, and impact the lives of people around me through storytelling - who knows, perhaps score a paid gig with my hobby!)

  2. Is there a message / initiative you want to champion, or a topic(s) that you'd like to see being covered more?

  3. What can we do together, and how can we support you better? (e.g. I want to lead small focus groups to connect with more women who inspire my work and cultivate real conversations)

  4. What and how else do you see yourself contributing to The Busy Woman Project this year? (content, events, etc.)

  5. Are there any individuals or businesses you'd like to connect us with to help spread our message to a wider audience across different cities, communities and corporates?

Benefits & Support

  • Access to Asian-centric community networks - no borders
  • Building of your social profile through the platform and engagement via our online/offline campaigns & activities. More importantly, to elevate your self discovery process and awareness
  • Lifting other women, position individuals as leaders and raise the level of health & wellbeing through community-building in your city
  • Sharing of resources, tools, templates
  • Branding & Messaging - to use The Busy Woman Project name and branding collaterals

Although this role is on a voluntary basis, we definitely believe in building a sustainable relationship and sharing returns & profits with our amazing community, while doing good.

Here are a couple of ideas for your consideration at a later stage, should you be interested to explore these options:

  • Sales of merchandise with The Busy Woman Project branding. Community Manager & team to take care of production and sales; team to discuss during design process. Although profits are marginal, this can help support the broader goal of extending the visibility for The Busy Woman Project - to have more individuals identify with the brand & our message to live better.
  • Curation of products that empower women, or are women-led brands
  • Partnership with local brands you love and work out an affiliation / referral collaboration where we can share content on them that resonates with our community

the busy woman project

Our “Busy Woman” leads a Busy lifestyle. She dreams. She travels to explore the world, grows, acknowledges her flaws, is committed to bettering herself and finds the time to fit in her priorities. She places her health & wellness as her priority and is passionate about reaching out to other Women to inspire them to lead an active & healthy lifestyle too. She shares the eagerness to make a difference to the world around us.

Things we value:

  1. Authenticity. A willingness to be vulnerable.
  2. Drive & Ambitions. For health, personal and professional goals.
  3. Passion. To stand for something - wellness, arts, fashion, diversity, environment - and wanting to make a difference to the collective.
  4. Love & Kindness. We can all do with abit more of that in this world, eh?
  5. Connections. Values real human connections, across borders.


  • Read more about us and what we stand for: link
  • Explore the work we do & connections we forge: link
  • Familiarize yourself with the 2018 theme - Resilience and quarterly conversations: link

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