Yoga On & Off the Mat: Communicating via Acro & Ashtanga with Jiamin Yang (, Yoga Instiinct, Manduka Ambassador, Singapore

Yoga On & Off the Mat: Communicating via Acro & Ashtanga with Jiamin Yang (, Yoga Instiinct, Manduka Ambassador, Singapore

For this series, we speak to a couple of individuals who embrace yoga as part of their daily lifestyles - both on and off the mat. For Jiamin Yang (, yoga is the perfect medium for her to communicate, forge connections and better understand her students, as well as her partner - Leonard, a fellow Acro & Fitness Instructor.

What is your Yoga practice? ‘What’s next’ in your Yoga journey?

I started with Ashtanga Yoga, which is my main practice. Ever since partner yoga started being in trend, I started exploring and doing Acro Yoga - and guess what? I've been so terribly hooked!

Moving forward, I'd love to share my passion for Yoga, Acro and Dance altogether to create a fusion from these movement forms.

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What is AcroYoga to you? What is Ashtanga Yoga to you?

AcroYoga is a playful way to build strength, flexibility, communication skills and trust in yourself and others. Ashtanga is a disciplined practice that challenges my limits and boundaries.

Is it tough to love #yogaeverydamnday - what continues to drive and inspire you?

Knowing that Yoga is a constant work in progress is my biggest motivation. I set goals to challenge myself. I want to look good (who doesn't?!) and most importantly, feel good. Everyone inspires me in their own way!

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What are some values that Yoga has taught you and how does that translate to your approach towards daily life?

Listen to understand, not to respond. A lot of times, we tend to have a reaction towards a statement, but what do we know about the underlying message?

Acro has also taught me to be more sensitive towards other people, to understand that people have different ways of receiving information. Learning how to communicate effectively has become a key area in my life.

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Do you do other fitness activities besides Yoga?

Dance! 💃🏻 I do Latin, Ballroom and Salsa.

What is your healthy eating lifestyle like and do you abide by a strict ‘clean eating’ routine?

I'm a pescatarian, so my daily meals are usually high in protein and fibre. To me, it's all about balance. On my bad days, I indulge in chocolate and ice-cream. I drink bubble tea everyday too!

What are some key messages you’re looking to spread to your followers?

Growing up, I've always had low self-esteem, constantly trying to fit in with others to gain their acceptance. After all these years, I finally figured it out - the only acceptance I need is from myself. Never thought I'd be teaching & sharing until I took the courage to put myself out there.

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Name a message you shared which was the most relatable to your followers.

Don't rely on someone else for your own happiness and self-worth. Only you can be responsible for that. If you can't love and respect yourself, no one else will be able to make that happen. Accept who you are, completely; the good and the bad, and make changes as you see fit - not because you think someone else wants you to be different.

Couples who sweat together, stay together! What is the biggest benefit of working out with a partner?

We first met when we worked in lululemon Takashimaya as educators. He's a dance & personal trainer, while I'm a yoga instructor. Similar interests and common life goals brought us together.

Now, being able to solve a sequence or pose together in Acro helps with communication and understanding. Bringing these aspects back into our relationship help build a healthy zone for us.

What are some healthy rituals you do as a couple?

We workout together almost everyday - be it gym, yoga or acro. We also aim to consume a high protein-based diet, which is essential for our daily practice.

Favorite partner move?

Flying on my partner's feet!

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Are you an avid yoga practitioner - how else do you yoga on and off the mat? What are some ways you live consciously by? For non-Yogis, you may already be 'yoga-ing' off the mat! Share with us your experiences. Simply hashtag #TBWPXConscious on any of your social media posts or drop us a note at: [email protected].