Mindset: 5 Movers & Shakers on Self-Limiting Beliefs and Reaching Your Goals

Mindset: 5 Movers & Shakers on Self-Limiting Beliefs and Reaching Your Goals

Do you tend to second guess yourself? Or perhaps, hold yourself back from amazing opportunities because of self-doubt and that inner demon telling you that "you're not good enough"?

Age. Fear of failure. Guilt. Shame. Societal & family pressures.

We are firm believers that we create our own destiny. Lady luck may favor you with chances and open up pathways for you; but if you never take that leap of faith (or that little step, really) and get one foot out the door - status quo is unfortunately where you'll remain.

Let's hear from inspiring busy women thought influencers who have each achieved success in their own right, on their views of self-limiting beliefs.


"I see many women who often feel they are 'not good enough' and constantly apologize. It could be big things or small things, most of which do not require an apology. Women tend to be very hard on ourselves and set very high standards which can limit us. Having grace for oneself is critical to overcoming limiting beliefs. I also believe in nurturing positive self talk to quiet the voices that tell us we are not good enough...Because we are great, beautiful and wonderfully created."

So-Young Kang, Founder and CEO of Gnowbe, Founder of Awaken Group, a World Economic Forum Young Global Leader.

"I have noticed a lack of self-confidence in women in the workplace. Unfortunately, they shy away from stepping up or raising their hands for new opportunities. Women should never shortchange themselves. It’s my belief that this self-confidence needs to be developed from a very early age."

"To this end, our latest STEM research indicates a concerning link between perceptions of gender bias and self-confidence amongst young girls. Half the girls aged 15 to 19-years-old surveyed considered STEM-related subjects. However, as they aged, their perceptions of gender bias discouraged them from pursuing this path, despite their interests and ability to do so. Confidence-building starts at home; and subsequently, academic and workplace support are key to helping young girls spark and sustain their interests in STEM, as well as develop their confidence to pursue their passions as they come of age."

Georgette Tan, Senior Vice President, Communications for Mastercard, and Board Member of the Singapore Committee for UN Women.

On Top Mountain Nature

"I was very worried about me being older, internet 1.0 blah blah. I think my 14 years running a business from 2 pax to 150 pax exit probably is a very strong 'archive' of startup experiences. So I could always draw on that to give practical views and experience sharing to current founders."

Huang Shao-Ning, Partner and Managing Director at AngelCentral. (Previously, Managing Director / Group Deputy CEO of JobsCentral Group).


"That decision has reminded me that the most meaningful and rewarding aspects of life are often just on the other side of our comfort zone. If you can find the courage (and sometimes you really only need 20 seconds of it!) to push yourself outside of where you feel comfortable, you really can benefit and grow immensely. This type of courage is what I mean by answering your 'call to adventure'."

Dr. Katie T. Larson, PhD, "Growth Coach" and the founder of GrowthQuests.

"Speaking is still scary for me, but sometimes you’ve got to decide whether you want to be scared or have an impact. A quote I love is: “your dreams have to be bigger than your drama”, and so even though there are things you don’t want to do in life and business, if your dreams and goals are more significant and clear in your mind, then you won’t let anything get in the way."

Lauren Armes, Founder of Welltodo Global.


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