Recognize Your Fears & Offset the Excuses with this 10-min Activity

Recognize Your Fears & Offset the Excuses with this 10-min Activity

Limiting barriers are manifestations of fear that hold us back from reaching our potential or our own definitions of personal or business 'success'. Often, the scenario goes like this - I want to do “x”, BUT, insert “fear” (and in many cases, we casually joke that this is an excuse).

We speak with Tricia Yap - Strength Coach, Founder of Warrior Academy, MMA Fighter, Director of Fitness at Goji Studios, Mom-to-be, TEDx Speaker, ex-Bikini Fit #girlboss - overall badass busy woman and a figure of grit & strength on her approach to pushing past limiting barriers. How does she step out of her comfort zones and what is her journey of recovery, success and redemption after life knocked her down?

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Awareness: What is limiting me?

The key is to first identify what the fear (or doubt, nightmare, worst case scenario) is - whether financially, physically, emotionally, mentally.

“I am afraid that I won’t have enough money to survive.”
“I am afraid I will get hurt.”
“I am afraid my friends will judge and laugh at me.”
“I cannot disappoint my parents and family.”
“I am scared it won’t work out.”
“I’m too old.”
“I’m too young.”
“I don’t have enough experience.”
“I don’t think I have the qualifications for it.”

It is also imperative to recognize that excuses are fears too!

“I’m too busy right now with peak season.”
“Maybe after this next promotion, I’ll quit my job.”
“I really want to do this, but I don’t have enough start up capital.”

Essentially: Doesn’t all of this boil down to fear of failure?

Take Action: Offsetting Fears

Write down your fears and think that if failing did not matter, how can we offset these fears i.e. gain some control, even if just alittle?

E.g. “My best friend told me my idea will never work.” —> offset: “my idea may never work but I will do the groundwork necessary to test the market and if my gut still tells me it’s worth doing, then I will try. If it doesn’t work, I Will nonetheless have learnt from that experience."

E.g. "I don’t have enough knowledge to do this job" -> offset: write down things that back yourself up: "actually, I do have enough knowledge because I have studied, mentored and done x, y and z." The fear is something created by self.

E.g. Public speaking is the #1 fear after death. "I feel unqualified." -> offset: "actually, it is just about sharing your story and being yourself."

pen paper journal offset fears take action

Something I tell myself a.k.a. a mantra of sorts when I doubt (and I do doubt often!): “Do today what others will copy tomorrow”.

Once we recognize failure doesn’t define us and failure isn’t the end - and you can completely fail in your universe but still rise from that (my TedX talk is all about that!), we can move forward and maybe, take the risk. Of course - that risk should be a calculated one.

Many female entrepreneurs I work with from a mentorship perspective are afraid to start or afraid to take the next step, and choke themselves on the planning stage. Or, they have failed before and then are afraid to try again. Half the time, it is about moving forward and then fine tuning from there.

Failure doesn’t set you back - it’s merely a learning experience. And when you are seemingly doing something no one else has done before, it can be a very scary path to take, but can bring success at the end of the road because no one has trodden down that path.

Believe in yourself. Know that there is something inside of you that is greater than any obstacle.

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