[EVENT] LIMITLESS: Overcoming Self-Limiting Barriers & Subconscious Biases - an Experience by The Busy Woman Project X WeWork, Singapore

[EVENT] LIMITLESS: Overcoming Self-Limiting Barriers & Subconscious Biases - an Experience by The Busy Woman Project X WeWork, Singapore

Singapore, 10th May 2018 (Thursday)

A Live Panel & Women-Focused Investing Workshop Experience

We’re ready to advance gender equality in the workforce and break through our own glass ceiling. Are you?

Being more aware of ourselves allows us to break free of any self-limiting beliefs, subconscious biases and step out of our comfort zones.

We can be LIMITLESS!

Join The Busy Woman Project x WeWork for a night of workshops, networking and fireside chats to break through your own barriers.

Event Format
6:30pm - Registration starts
7:00pm - Introductions & Live Panel: Overcoming Self-Limiting Barriers & Subconscious Biases
8:30pm - Women-Focused Investing Workshop ft. StashAway
9:00pm onwards - Mingling

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LIMITLESS is a series of offline events held in-line with 2Q18 theme: Overcoming Limiting Barriers.

LIVE PANEL: Overcoming Self-Limiting Barriers & Subconscious Biases

Are you juggling multiple roles & responsibilities as a busy woman? Thinking of pursuing a side hustle but 'lack the resources'? Always wanted to run that marathon but 'suck at running'?

What's stopping you? Fears? Ego? Excuses? Failure?


Hear from inspiring personalities on overcoming self-limiting beliefs & subconscious biases - how they push past boundaries, as well as ways to address barriers that may affect you - including lawyer by day, barre & indoor cycling instructor, The Busy Woman Project Ambassador Meaghan See; DJ, wingsuiter, GRAB startup professional Alex Tran; finance professional & fitness influencer Nattylifts; athlete, head coach at CrossFit Tanjong Pagar Dylan Goddard & more.

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WORKSHOP: Women-Focused Investing ft. StashAway

"Women suck at investing. Numbers are just not my thing."
"That's a man's job - I can't do it."

Sounds familiar?

But, what happens too often is that we, ourselves, don’t feel like we know enough, and so we don’t go for it. Similar to not going after that job or promotion, or investing - cause we don’t think we’re ready.

Is that true?

In this workshop, hear from StashAway - the intelligent digital wealth management platform & the only robo-advisor regulated by Singapore's MAS.

What are some limiting beliefs preventing you from investing? What are some common differences between the way women invest vs. men? Any key items busy women should look out for when starting to invest - especially since we're already juggling so many roles & responsibilities?

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* Earlybird ends Sunday, 6th May 2359hrs.

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About The Busy Woman Project:

The Busy Woman Project exists to build resilience in busy women across Asia - empowering them to be healthier mentally, physically, emotionally and to lead more fulfilled lives.

Since the launch of the platform in October 2016, The Busy Woman Project has held SOLD OUT events in Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong and Shanghai.