Thailand's version of 'Beer Yoga': Brew Yoga - an alternative to the Bar or Gym?

Thailand's version of 'Beer Yoga': Brew Yoga - an alternative to the Bar or Gym?

BierYoga (or Beer Yoga) first originated from Germany and has since gained popularity across multiple cities globally including London, USA and Bangkok, Thailand.

The Busy Woman Project speaks with the founder of Brew Yoga In conversation with Jessica Whan - "My Thai name is Whan and my English name is Jezicaa (Jessica), so people call me Jessica Whan."

Jessica is a professional architect by training, a part-time fashion model and considers herself a fitness enthusiast. Apart from being a member on the long-legged ladies cycling team (a group of fashion models who like cycling), she also does weight training, boxing and other outdoor sports such as wakeboarding & car racing. In addition, she is passionate about Electronic Dance Music, loves socializing and is part of the Warp Music Festival team - a dance music festival by the beach in Pattaya.


What is Beer Yoga to you?

I wanted to create an event that people can come and enjoy & have fun - just like partying with friends, while meeting new people and having a workout at the same time.

The idea is also a representation of my lifestyle. Despite working at a party organizer company, I still want to keep fit and try to combine two of the things that I like. “Drinking and Fitness” are two ordinary activities that are typically done separately. Bringing them together makes for something special that is social and of great fun.

We started off as Beer Yoga in Episode 1 of our event and as we grew, we wanted to explore more possibilities to non alcoholic beverages to widen the range of customers and partners we can cater to.

As there were some complications about promoting alcoholic beverages in Thailand, we thus converted our event branding to "Brew Yoga." Currently, in terms of brewing, we are able to have more partners including tea, coffee, juices, soda, etc.


When and how did you first come across Beer Yoga?

As a fitness enthusiast, I seek opportunities that can combine combine my passion for fitness with my professional endeavours.

At the start of this year, I was searching for some ideas and found out about Beer Yoga from the internet and thought it was very interesting and catchy. I decided to follow this trend and put in some of my own twist to the event.

Are your "Brew Yoga" sessions a good alternative to the bar or the gym?

The sessions are geared toward fitness and lifestyle. People who attend the event can have a good, serious workout like going to the gym. We incorporate basic yoga movements, mixed in with music and something fun for the beginners. Post which, we typically have an aerobic class like Zumba dance after the Yoga segment.

It is actually awesome that people can bring friends to enjoy an afternoon over fitness and lifestyle, instead of going to some cafe or walking around the mall.


What do you say to the mixing of alcohol and yoga exercise?

Moderation is always the key when it comes to alcohol. We are not trying to promote that people should drink alcohol when working out. Alcoholic beverages, however, can increase blood circulation when used in moderation.

At our event, beverages are limited to a small bottle during the 1 hour session. Each participant can only have a sip after a certain movement is achieved. Having said that, you have to balance yourself with the bottle at all times, while trying not to spill the drinks onto your friends!

Were there any 'drunk knocking-over-the-bottle' moments or interesting occurrences in the recent events??

In terms of "interesting occurrences" there were never any harmful or injuries in the events, only people laughing and happiness. For the most recent episode, we had a glow in the dark yoga session, where fluorescent paint was provided for participants to draw on their faces and bodies.

Yes, there were some interesting occurrences when you ask your friend to draw something but your friend didn't do exactly what you requested for. It was all fun nevertheless and lots of laughter & joy.


Who are these sessions suitable for?

People like me. Individuals who want a new experience, do two things that are always opposite on opposite ends, living life with balance, fitness enthusiasts and likes socializing.

I want to change the perspective of people who do not like to workout.

What are your goals and plans with Brew Yoga?

I seek to to create events that can bring people together to socialize and have good health. My goal for Brew Yoga is to introduce the event to more people locally and abroad.


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