Benefits of a Gym Workout Partner or SweatBuddy - Looking for one?

Benefits of a Gym Workout Partner or SweatBuddy - Looking for one?

Your journey to finding your own SweatBuddy, or a tribe of SweatBuddies starts right here.

Feeling the endorphin rush post workout? Had an amazing sweat session at the new swanky boutique fitness gym near you this morning, and can’t wait to share about your experience with someone? ...Until you realize no one around you is actually interested? Or perhaps, you made the decision to start a healthier lifestyle and avoid alcohol, and now it seems like no one wants to go for dinners with you anymore…Wait, that can’t be fun.

You may have a gazillion friends, but getting someone to workout with you feels like mission impossible. From childhood friends, to schoolmates or colleagues, and even family - each & every one of them have a part to play in our lives, and they all bring something different to the table.

Perhaps they are the first people you call to attend a fashion & beauty store opening with you or when you’ve gotten your heart broken, or maybe they are on your speed dial for new releases on Netflix. You may have grown and changed over years and so have they, but we can’t expect everyone to have made the same changes as we have, or to like all the things that we like.

We aren’t saying that you should ditch your current group of friends! All we want to do is to encourage you to open up yourself to new friendships and interactions. It might feel a little awkward at first, but creating new friendships that support you in your goals to live better IS possible.


With just a simple switch in your thinking / beliefs, you’ll realize that the world is full of people who can fill that gap with those things you crave - someone who can be that person for you.

Make yourself alittle vulnerable, alittle uncomfortable, and have the courage to be imperfect. Few of us enjoy the stress of stepping outside our comfort zones, but, as the saying goes, that is where the magic happens!

You CAN meet like-minded people who do get excited over that new boutique fitness studio, want to be challenged by a race, are working towards that healthier lifestyle, and they could even be more than happy to come along on your next sweat session!

Here at The Busy Woman Project, we are truly inspired by individuals who kick ass both in and out of the gym, grows, acknowledges one's flaws; by people who seek balance in the best way for themselves, and are never shy to care for their own well-being, just as much as they care for their loved ones.


We strive to create this like-minded community, so that all of you can connect with each other and build on your own meaningful relationships! To inspire, motivate and hold one another accountable, share your healthy rituals, spot you when you’re got some really heavy weights on the bar, or perhaps to exchange smoothie bowl recipes – your SweatBuddy is out there, waiting to be found!

In a lot of ways, you get out of friendship what you put into it: you have to make the effort and put yourself out there! Our sister brand, Broc & Bells understands you have busy schedules and have simplified this process for you...

Find your SweatBuddy by meeting up at gyms both of you are interested in ("SweatBuddy Hangout") OR let the algorithm assisted matching service find you the perfect buddy ("SweatBuddy Match"). 

Go on - your journey to finding your own SweatBuddy, or a tribe of SweatBuddies starts right here!


This world is full of amazing individuals, and everyone has something wonderful to offer (even if you may not see it immediately). Try getting to know strangers - you never know where it could lead! They could be your future business partners, lifelong friends and even travel companions. We should be honored that people want to spend time with us and get to know us. As long as they make you feel good about yourself, you’re on the right track!


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