TROUBLE SLEEPING? 5 Easy Tips to Better Sleep

TROUBLE SLEEPING? 5 Easy Tips to Better Sleep

Sleep is for the Weak? Well then, we should all be weak. Most of us should know by now that our body needs rest to recover from all the stress we put it through daily.
A lack of sleep more often than not results in crankiness, and nobody really likes that so...

5 Easy Tips to Better Sleep

  1. Keep your room cool and your feet warm. Have the air- conditioner on all the time? Slip on a pair of snuggly socks. Don’t like to sleep with the AC on? No worries, just switch it on for an hour prior to bedtime. This also means you have scheduled your bed-time, which leads us to...

  2. Scheduling bedtime is a great way to remind yourself that it is time to get some rest. But if you need a little push in the right direction, setting an alarm clock an hour prior to bedtime gives you some time to power down before you actually have to hit the sack. And by powering down, we mean...

  3. Yes! You know you’ve got to put aside your laptop and smartphone. All that bright, blue light from screens suppresses our sleep-inducing hormone melatonin. Not the best idea if you are trying to fall asleep! If you're using an iphone, one tip is to switch on the "Night Shift Light" whcih automatically shifts the colours of your display to the warmer end of the colour spectrum after dark.

  4. Clear your mental desktop prior to actually lying down in bed. You know it happens - you try so hard to fall asleep, but your brain suddenly goes into overdrive (2AM conversations with your mind, anyone?). Give yourself enough time to process your day, and plan your to-dos for the following day, before you actually go to bed.

  5. Quiet reflection methods like yoga, meditation and, if you are spiritual, prayers are useful ways to wind down and relax. If these methods aren’t your thing, you can also try simple deep breathing exercises.

We hope some of these tips help you to get a good rest tonight!

How much sleep do you actually need? On 1 Nov 2016, the folks (in Singapore) at Eat Train Love have teamed up with Elika Fit, Owner of Kitchen by Food Rebel, to bring you a workshop on sleep to improve your health. Register here.

What other methods do you use to get sound sleep? Share them with the #TEAMBUSYWOMAN community! Drop us an email at [email protected].