Living Life to its Fullest with Health & Fitness: Stephanie Carrington, FLY Entertainment Artiste, TV Personality, Pocari Sweat Ambassador, Singapore

Living Life to its Fullest with Health & Fitness: Stephanie Carrington, FLY Entertainment Artiste, TV Personality, Pocari Sweat Ambassador, Singapore

Sophisticatedly elegant with an energetic and vivacious personality, Stephanie Carrington loves to experience new & wonderful things that life has to offer and is always out for a that next challenge.

"It’s not always easy or a successful, but even just the effort of trying something new and out of the ‘norm’ gives a surge of self satisfaction, which in turn allows us to grow (mentally, physically or even emotionally).

Always be grateful for all things that come your way. Whether it be great or ‘not the best’ – there’s a reason for everything. Take it in, embrace it, as what we do moulds us as a person and our journey in life."

Born in Germany, this beautiful American-Korean girl lived the most part of her early years having to uproot and move on multiple occasions due to her father’s career in the US military. She supported herself through university and until her career in the entertainment industry kicked off. Today, Stephanie juggles a busy schedule being the official host for RTL CBS Entertainment Network, a TV presenter for high profile events and live shows such as The Asian Television Awards, the Singapore F1 Grand Prix and being a brand spokesperson. Even with the demands of her busy day-to-day schedule, Stephanie always strives to place her passion for health and fitness as a priority and at the forefront of her lifestyle.


"The healthier we are, the more we get to do and experience. It’s amazing to see what you are capable of when you take care of your health… you’d be pleasantly surprised at what your body can do and trust me, that’s a mega ‘feel-good’ boost!"

What is your typical day like?

Hmm….my typical day? Not every day is the same – it's all about balance – balancing work, health & fitness and my personal time. All these things are very important to me and I am a strong believer that it is critical to find a good balance to ensure true happiness.

Some days can be non-stop work from the break of dawn till the wee hours in the night, whereas other days can be less stressful, allowing time for relaxation and reflection. Things can be quite unpredictable, which makes it a tad difficult to plan things in advance (and I’m one that likes to plan – hehe!). However, having a strong foundation (family, health and fitness) helps me stay grounded.

Share a personal story that inspired you to take action to sustain a healthy lifestyle.

Health and fitness has always been a part of me. That said, the level of ‘intensity’ and the realization of the importance of it has changed over time.

My dad is REALLY big into fitness - I remember being a little girl and he used to take me to the gym with him. Honestly, I absolutely loathed it. Obviously, I was way too young to be pumping it at the gym but I was a real ‘daddy’s girl’, so I’d still tag along and just sit in the corner and watch (or color and play with my barbies :P).

When I started traveling for work at the tender age of 19, I never realized that fitness would form a big part of my life...I would just exercise here and there, but nothing major.

It wasn’t till several years later that I experienced a big health scare (leakage of my cranial fluid which resulted in me being bed-ridden for over a month), which made me change a lot of things in my life. I realized that we are all on this planet for one thing and we only get one shot at it! So I was determined to ensure I would live every day to the fullest and make my health a priority in my life.

That’s when I became more focused and I guess you can say ‘vigilant’ when it comes to fitness. And all those times (and many many years) of being dragged to the gym by my dad sure has helped and is still helping me now. Although I was young at that time, I had learnt so much by just observing my dad’s workouts, so I was able to use all the knowledge I sapped up as a little girl for my workouts now. Thank you daddy!! ☺


What are some key messages you’re looking to spread to your followers?

Here are some other key messages that I live by:

  • Maximize and embrace each day as you never know what tomorrow will bring.
  • To be healthy, to just “be” is pretty awesome!! Whatever happens or doesn’t happen, if our health is in tip-top shape, there’s nothing more you can ask for. Health is wealth!
  • One major misconception - being healthy and fit is NOT for appearances. It doesn’t matter what you look like… being physically fit and healthy comes in all shapes & sizes and that’s what makes us unique and beautiful! Striving to be healthy and fit is so that we are able to maximize every day and to live or lives to its fullest.
  • Treat your health & fitness as a way of life, not a chore. I know it can be a bit tough at times to get started, but give it a bit of time and you’ll find it enjoyable and craving for more (especially when you experience improvements).


What is your workout routine like?

At the moment, I’m preparing for another marathon - the Berlin Marathon happening in September, so I train 5-6 times a week. My training is mainly focused around running, which varies from interval runs, long steady runs and fast tempo runs. I also do HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) – my FAVE! It gets my heart rate up and, at the same time, helps strengthen my core, which is key for running (actually, any type of exercise).

Our core is what our entire body is built around - kind of like the engine of a car. So if we have a strong core (engine), it provides our body with a sturdy foundation which helps in other aspects of our physical performance, be it strength or endurance.

I do a lot of stretching as well... On my ‘rest days’, I still try to keep active by rollerblading, walking, hiking and strength training. I’m working on strengthening my upper body and especially my knees, as I unfortunately experienced a knee injury during my first marathon earlier this year. But of course, sometimes I do have days when my body needs total rest so I’ll indulge in a bit of ‘couch-potatoing’.

The key is to listen to your body – it’ll let you know when it has hit its max and needs a bit of chill time. Again – all about the balance!


How about your nutrition?

Generally, I mostly eat fish but I do have meat once in awhile. I love veggies and fruits so I don’t have a problem incorporating that in my diet. However, on days I don’t have time for a proper sit down nutritious meal (especially when I’m busy and on the go), I’ll make myself a smoothie loaded with veggies, fruits, good fats so I ensure my body gets enough goodness to keep me going. I pretty much eat a bit everything.

The only thing I may try to steer away from is dairy, as sadly my body just doesn’t agree with it….but I’ll still indulge in some ice cream once in awhile. Oh, and lets not forget my mega vice - chocolaaaaate!!! I’m a HUGE chocoholic but I opt for dark instead of milk. I love love LOVE pasta and pizza but I’ll choose a tomato based pasta instead of a creamy one and will ask for less cheese on my pizza. So I don’t cut it out completely (it would be soo hard!) but just have small doses of it.

During my modelling days, I tried all sorts of different diet fads. Thankfully, I’ve inherited my dad's genes, so I’m not the type to get overweight. But, with the competitiveness of the modelling industry - I got sucked in. And let me tell you… they don’t work! It just makes you grumpy and weak. Not worth it at all!

I’m sure you’ve heard it many times… everything in moderation is key (and it is totally true!). A healthy lifestyle does not mean you have to be a fanatic when it comes to what you eat.

Food is to be enjoyed, so we should do just that. The worst thing is to deprive yourself completely of a certain type of food or food group, as that leads to stress - not only on your body, but emotionally as well. It’s all about the balance. For example, if you feel like eating that burger or pizza – go for it! Just go for a gentle stroll later or spend a little extra time on your workout the next day. The worst is to deprive yourself from things (food) that makes you happy.

Oh, and DO NOT be afraid of fats (the good kind of course!). Our body needs it for fuel; it protects our insides and not to mention, our skin and hair….it’s such a crucial part of our diet and health. My faves – avocados, coconut and different sorts of nut butters, just to name a few.

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What are some hydration tips you personally use when working out?

I make sure I drink a lot of water (I mean A LOT) on a daily basis. Staying hydrated is a must!

This may sound a bit gross….but I perspire quite a bit, especially when working out, training and running. And when you perspire that much, your body is losing a whole lot more than just H2O - you’re losing important essential fluids your body needs to function...

...I ensure I always have a Pocari Sweat with me when I’m working out, training or when I’m super busy out and about. I even take it with me when I travel!

The awesome thing is it not only helps to rehydrate your body, but also replenishes all the electrolytes, amino acids and nutrients you lose when you perspire – I can’t emphasize enough how important this is when training. I really felt this during my first marathon training in Japan and also, as I continue my training for the Berlin Marathon.

Another cool thing is that as compared to the other isotonic sport drinks out there, Pocari Sweat actually stems from a pharmaceutical company… meaning they've got their scientific stats in check and is in sync with your body needs. Pretty cool eh? ☺

What is your favorite…

Time to Workout?

Morning for sure, but I take my fur-kid Cobey for a walk in the evenings as well.

Photo Credit: @sk_shaun for Ashlogue Magazine

Type of Exercise?

Running! It’s like my meditation.

Healthy Ritual?

A huge cup of warm lemon water every morning - without fail! Kickstarts the body with a good cleanse within, and also gives a bit of a boost.

What are your top tips for Busy Women who are looking to kickstart and/or sustain their health journeys?

Incorporating health and fitness into your life is actually a lot easier than you think. You don’t actually have to go out of your way, disrupt your daily routine or completely reinvent your life. Just think of it as enhancing your overall lifestyle.

If you’re super motivated, you can dive straight into it full force and if you do……wooohoo! Bravo!! ☺ But really, all it takes is starting with simple steps you can incorporate into your daily life. For example:

  • Instead of taking the elevator, walk up the stairs.
  • Instead of taking a taxi, take public transport.
  • When you’re sitting at your desk or walking, flex/tense your stomach muscles – this can be done anywhere, anytime and it is an instant abs/core workout.
  • No time for the gym? Blast some music and just dance like crazy in your room – who cares if you look silly, no one is watching so just go fot it! It’s awesome cardio AND gives you a surge of ‘feel good vibes’.
  • Start your day with a simple 10 min heart pumping session in the comforts of your home. Jumping jacks, running in place, squats….anything that gets your blood flowing. Gives you a mega endorphin rush so you start your day on a happy note!!


And of course, remember to hydrate hydrate hydrate!!! If you have time to pre-pack your lunch the night before – go for it. Otherwise, Singapore now has some awesome healthy food options & deliveries. Once of my favorites is Yong Tau Fu – steer away from the fried stuff and opt for loads of veggies. Yummy and super affordable!

These are just a couple of simple things to get started - any of you can do this. And of course, if you have a friend that’s wanting to up the ante on getting fit and healthy, you can encourage each other and have fun in the process too!

Looking for a Workout Buddy? The Busy Woman Project has got you covered!

What are you excited about the upcoming POCARI SWEAT Workout?

This is my first year being a Pocari Sweat Ambassador - I am not only excited about being part of the Pocari Sweat Workout, but also seeing all the people come together in what should be one of the key highlights of Singapore’s 2017 fitness calendar!

The unique thing is the ‘buddy workout’ theme, which is awesome as it encourages togetherness and is also a great way to motivate one another... because sometimes, we just need a little bit of a nudge and encouragement to get us going on the path to a fitter lifestyle.


Share your 1-minute elevator pitch to ‘Get a Workout Buddy now’!

Our fitness & health plays a key role in allowing us to enjoy the amazing things life has to offer. Let's support and encourage each other - to maximize each day and achieve our every day marathon.

Here are 6 other reasons to find a workout buddy now.

Take things up a notch at the Pocari Sweat Workout! It doesn’t matter where your fitness level is – you can be an expert, or even a total newbie… it’s not a race or competition so there’s no pressure at all! More importantly, this is for everyone to be happy and enjoy themselves while working out together. We want to show you that getting fit and healthy is fun! So don't be shy… come join us at the POCARI SWEAT WORKOUT on 30 July! See you guys there! ☺