5 Best Ways To Squeeze In Your Workout and Stay On Track With Your Goals & Well-Being

5 Best Ways To Squeeze In Your Workout and Stay On Track With Your Goals & Well-Being

What type of busy woman are you? Which of the following scenarios best describe you, and can be easily implemented into your existing lifestyle? #thelittlesteps

1. The Early Bird

You've got things to do, places to be and people to see. Your schedule is packed from dawn to dusk, and 'back to back' meetings & appointments is the new normal for you. If your task list seems stressful, never-ending and you find yourself often skipping workouts due to time constraints, it's time to take control and make time for yourself.

Set your alarm and get up a little earlier in the mornings. There's something magical about being up before everyone else and feeling like you've got more hours in a day. Most studios offer classes as early as 6am or 7am, being a convenient way to squeeze in that 45-60 minute me-time that you deserve before kicking off your day. That endorphin surge in the AM will boost your alertness, productivity and energy throughout the day. Wind down early for your essential beauty sleep at night!

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2. Lunchtime Crunchtime

Whether you're working remotely or desk-bound in the office, a helpful way to squeeze in that sweat session is during your breaks. Whether its during lunch or tea, use that window of time to hit up a midday class that'll boost your metabolism and alertness while also preventing you from feeling sluggish throughout the day. Throw on your shoes and hit up an outdoor run or check out your favourite 12:30pm spin class.

3. (Sweat) Buddy Up

Two is always better than one. Grab a friend, or make one at your favourite studio hangout!

If you're finding it difficult to stay committed towards your fitness goals, pairing up with a buddy might just do the trick, and make that task a whole lot easier. Hold each other accountable to showing up and crushing your workouts, and you'll be surprised at how much progress you both make in the long run, along with how your friendship would evolve too!

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4. Motivation Nation

Book a class in advance for the week ahead and make yourself accountable to show up for them. With most studios having cancellation policies of several hours, use your booking as a commitment to yourself that you will show up and get it done no matter how you're feeling that day. No excuses. No regrets.

5. Out of Office

Rather than thinking of unwinding and taking it easy after your work day, use the end of the day as a beginning of your fitness regime. If you prefer working out in a group studio setting rather than individually, use this as a motivator for you to get through your day, with your workout at the end being your reward after a long day!

Associate your workout / training as a privilege, think of the meaningful connections and benefits to your mind, body & well-being, rather than a task that needs to be checked off - this is the first step to making fitness a part of your lifestyle instead of it being a chore.

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Article contributed by CruCycle Pack Leader and BrocnBells.com SweatExpert - Jolyn Yeo.