Making a Difference through Fashion: In Conversation with Charlotte Tsuei, Caelum Greene HK

Making a Difference through Fashion: In Conversation with Charlotte Tsuei, Caelum Greene HK

This is for YOU – the inspiring group of Women who live life, are passionate about bettering yourselves, seeking meaning and ultimately, making a difference.

Women Empowerment, Supporting local businesses, Committing to Organic produce, Being Eco-friendly, Going Vegan…We all speak of change and making the world a better place, but change actually begins with us, and whatever little steps we can take.

What do you spend your hard-earned money on, and where does it go? Does your dollar go towards a company that practices gender equality for example?

In conversation with: Charlotte Tsuei, the Founder of Caelum Greene (“CG”) – a lifestyle & athleisure retailer in Hong Kong. We applaud this lady for taking the bold step into entrepreneurship, and with a heart. For her, she desires to drive change in the fashion industry, for both consumers and designers to work towards a more sustainable future for fashion. Caelum Greene embodies this from the get-go, even though it presents the business with more difficulties…

…And with The Busy Woman Project, we seek to empower fellow Women through supporting and introducing For Women businesses to our Community! We introduce businesses that are Women-owned and/or Women-led, or designed specifically to benefit the Women community. Now that you have a starting point…you too, can do your part and make a difference by supporting these For Women businesses!


Believing that change starts with the self, the Caelum Greene woman is committed to personal growth and self-development. She seeks balance and integration of the body, mind and soul. Having gratitude and respect for the body, she chooses wholesome foods that nourish and exercises that strengthen….By being true to her authentic and passionate self, she inspires others to take action and be the change in their own way.

Your description of the Caelum Greene woman is what many women aspire to be! How has CG attracted the type of consumers that fits this description?

By “walking the talk” through every decision we make as a business. Authenticity is so important to the consumer. With what we have, we try our best to be mindful and sustainable in everything we do, from how the store is designed, what products we offer to our customers and our efforts in bringing positive and meaningful changes to the industry and community.

What are your personal views on the pursuit of wellbeing / tips for healthy living?

Wellness is personal and means different things for different people. To me, healthy living is an exploration of the self. From the broader questions of movements that feel good for your body and foods that serve your constitution, to day-to day changes in energy levels and daily schedule – knowing thyself is key. Allow yourself to be as present as possible in what you’re doing, what you’re eating, and what you want to achieve, and define your own meaning of a healthy lifestyle.


What are some values you and/or your brand go by?

One of our key values at Caelum Greene is mindfulness – a personal value that I try to carry over into the company. We like to think of the CG brand as synonymous with being active in thoughts and mindful in actions.

Balance is another value, and constant pursuit, that is important to me & Caelum Greene as a brand. Balance between work and life; between quality, style and sustainability.

Why is 'Community' important to Caelum Greene? What do you hope to achieve through the community events held in-store?

‘Community’ is important because it is the foundation of Caelum Greene. The idea for CG was ultimately inspired by the community around me and the need for an alternative option to shop more sustainably, while not compromising on style and quality.

Additionally, Caelum Greene is more than just a store experience - we are about bringing positive and meaningful changes to the community and the industry. We will continue with our wellness workshops & community classes on various topics and formats that focus on educating, as well as connecting, with consumers. The events that we regularly host are a way for us to share our passion, as well as give back to the community and connect with like-minded people.


What are some guidelines/standards you adhere to when choosing brands and/or products to carry?

A curated product offering that reflects our mission is the heart of our business. When reviewing brands to bring on board, we always start by thinking about whether the product is something that fits into the lifestyle of our “gal”. We have a clear map and understanding of the lifestyle of our target demographic and we do our best to try and create a product range that is truly useful.

The four key aspects we often look at are style, quality, function and sustainability. The candle brands that we carry are perfect examples of this. Candles itself has the power to cure the mind and body through its aroma (function), all the brands that we work with are soy based blended with natural fragrances (sustainable), all hand blended and hand poured in small batches and burns well (quality), and each and every one are beautifully and uniquely packaged (style).

Were there any hurdles you had to overcome, in sticking to the brand values when building the business?

As much as we try to be sustainable in everything we do, the higher cost of sustainability is a hurdle that we always run into; from printing on recycled paper to sourcing eco-friendly materials and fixtures. As with any business, there are finite resources and it’s always a challenge for us to decide what to invest in and how to best maintain integrity and authenticity in the business.


Do you think women in Asia are conscious consumers (more or less than in the West)? Can we do more?

I feel that conscious consumption and a focus on health and wellbeing is a movement happening all around the world, regardless of gender or location. Perhaps it’s perceived that Asia in general is playing catch up, but I think this is due to fewer resources, options and education when it comes to sustainability. As consumers become more aware of the impact of consumption habits, I do feel that consumers will lean towards more mindful purchasing behaviors.

Do you think women in Asia support one another? Can we do more (e.g. to support Women-led brands, etc)?

Asia as a region includes so many countries, many of which we don’t currently operate in or work with, so it’s hard to say. From my experience in Hong Kong so far, however, I’d say absolutely. Caelum Greene has received a lot of support from Women-led businesses across different industries, influencers, and most important - our community and customers, which are mostly women as Caelum Greene caters to women only at this point.

What are some business practices in the retail industry that you (personally, as a consumer) wish to see improved?

Slow down. The fashion industry has evolved into being more fast-paced than ever. I’d rather see fewer collections of quality products truly made with heart and passion than rushed mass production goods, which is not sustainable in many ways.


What are some little ways/practices Busy Women can adopt during retail therapy that can help effect change in the long run?

I think realistically, it’s about shopping more mindfully, rather than consuming less, as much as that would perhaps be the most ideal. Shopping vintage is a great option. Or if you must buy something new, make sure it is a quality product sourced and manufactured ethically, and sustainably if possible.

“You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” – Mahatma Gandhi

You can make a difference. Start by being aware of For Women businesses around you and supporting those that are beneficial to your lifestyle too!


Caelum Greene is located on Hollywood Road in Hong Kong and will be at LANDMARK shortly!

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