#SHAYKITWOMAN 2016:  Get your Guide of Mini Adventure Workouts for the Busy Woman (anytime, anywhere)!

#SHAYKITWOMAN 2016: Get your Guide of Mini Adventure Workouts for the Busy Woman (anytime, anywhere)!

We’ve come to the end of the SHAYKITWOMAN: 12 DAYS OF GIVEAWAYS (well, 13 days actually but who’s counting really), and we thank you for sharing with us your Mini Adventures! Now we can all go back to the daily humdrum… NOT!

Shay Kostabi, our partner for the #SHAYKITWOMAN campaign, has actually created a sequence of workouts for #TEAMBUSYWOMAN to do anytime, anywhere! This is perfect for the Busy Woman who's always on the go...so even when you are travelling, especially during this festive season, you’ve got a simple guide right here!

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Begin by closing your eyes, rotating your palms forward and imagine a line of energy that is rooted in the earth under your feet. It travels up your legs, through your pelvic floor into your belly and hits your solar plexus, lights up your heart, your lungs, your throat, your third eye and then shoots out the crown of your head toward the sky. This imaginary string of energy keeps you grounded and uplifted at the same time as you go throughout your day!

Airstream Airsquats: Start with your feet stacked under your hips, core engaged and 60% of your weight in your heels. Drive through your feet to jump up into the air and land softly back into your squat. Try 20 reps for a really good burn!

Barre At The Bar: Holding on to a door frame, door knob or even the countertop at the bar, start with your right leg tucked behind your left ankle, knees pointing outward to make a diamond shape, then kick your leg straight behind you and squeeze your glutes as you straighten the standing leg and raise up onto the ball of your foot. Return to start and repeat 15-30 times, then switch for a pre-cocktail glute and thigh workout.

Playground Power Lunge: Begin by extending one leg back behind you and extend both arms up overhead, draw that knee in toward your chest and pull elbows back for a standing crunch. Step the same working leg back behind you and drop into a lunge, both legs bending to 90 degrees with both arms extended back up. Lastly, straighten both legs and hinge upper body forward, swinging arms back behind you and return to start. Repeat 5 times on each side for a total body strength and stretch.

Sunset Hike Sumo High Knees: Start with feet slightly wider than hips width apart, toes rotated outward and hands behind head with core engaged. Lower hips down as far as possible, past 90 degrees if you can, drive through heels and use inner thighs and core to come to standing while lifting one knee towards the same elbow. Repeat on the other side. Perform 20 reps like this for a great leg and core workout.

Booty on The Boardwalk: The perfect beach workout for a bikini butt! Start in table-top position and lift your right leg straight behind you and rotate your kneecap outward. Then draw your right knee towards your right shoulder keeping your inner thigh as parallel to the ground as possible. Do 15-20 reps before switching sides.

Scissors in the Sand: Start lying face up with hands behind head and legs extended straight up. Drop one leg down to 45 degrees and rotate the opposite elbow towards the inner thigh of the leg at 90 degrees and switch, switch, switch. Try 10 - 15 reps, then draw knees in toward your chest to finish.

Playa Plank: Start in plank pose and draw one knee in and across your body toward the opposite elbow, then kick it up and back behind you into a three legged dog. Do 3-5 reps on each side and repeat as many times as you like.


This challenge was made possible by @ShayKostabi and her fitness photographer boyfriend, @jdy_photography! Shay’s energy, kind-heartedness and spontaneity are traits that we love about her! She’s such an amazing lady who loves to reach out to and inspire other women around her…and we’re sure you’re gonna see more of her around!

Big thanks to all the curated giveaway sponsors who so generously provided the goodies for the daily winners! Much love to you guys - Dosirak, Eat Train Love , BASE Bangkok, SukiShufu, Made Real, BBOUNCE Studio, OMMO Studios, Space Cycle, WeBarre, FIRE Fitness, Organic Seeds Thailand, Active Fitness Singapore & The Kettlebowl!

To all our Community Ambassadors and participants in the challenge, thank you for inspiring us and other Busy Women! We truly enjoyed looking through every single Mini Adventure of yours!

We hope that the #SHAYKITWOMAN challenge has inspired you, in one way or another, to take little steps to step out of your comfort zone. Even though the challenge has ended, don't stop moving and shaking! Adopt these Mini Adventures as part of your lifestyle… and make fitness & healthy living as your priority!

Join us in our Clean Slate Challenge! We want you to live better. Come January 2017, we will be kicking off a 4-week challenge on our private Facebook group - share your goals with fellow like-minded Busy Women, learn tips, share content and support one another! More details coming real soon!