#CLEANSLATE2017 Challenge: 4-week initiative to kickstart the New Year right, TOGETHER!

#CLEANSLATE2017 Challenge: 4-week initiative to kickstart the New Year right, TOGETHER!

We’ve heard you ladies! Many of you (including us) are striving to find that balance of fitness, healthy living + spending time with our loved ones, on top of our career / education goals and busy schedules…we all want (almost) everything in life, don’t we? ;)

We think you’re already pretty great as your are. What we’re focused on here is to help you with the little steps to live better. That means taking a moment to recognize your awesome habits, assessing where a ‘gain’ is needed, and sustaining the healthy habits that you can carry into 2017 & beyond!

Our personal goals? To be CLEAN! And that means being kind & honest to the people around us, as well as to eat clean and have consistent workouts to lead a healthy, balanced lifestyle!

To celebrate our aspirations to live better and to work towards our little improvements & healthier habits, we will be introducing our CLEAN SLATE Challenge from Monday, 2 January 2017 till Friday, 27 January 2017 (right before the Chinese New Year feasting for those of you who celebrate the tradition!) – a 4-week initiative to kickstart the New Year right, TOGETHER!

Everyone is very welcome & encouraged to join the Clean Slate Challenge. The challenge will be conducted on our closed Facebook group. For those of you who have not joined #TEAMBUSYWOMAN, please drop us an email at [email protected] OR click here!

Select your goals - Eat Clean, Get Lean, Get Strong, Feel Better - and share with us your progress along the way! We’ll be checking in on everyone’s progress, as well as provide a platform to share tips, have accountability partners and learn from one another.

For those of you who do not believe in New Year Resolutions, take this challenge as a chance to improve yourselves, support fellow Busy Women, and create / sustain good habits such that fitness & healthy living are part of our lifestyles & priority! We want you to live better X