In Conversation with the Brains Behind FitnessFest: Tricia Sokolovitch, The Live Group, Singapore

In Conversation with the Brains Behind FitnessFest: Tricia Sokolovitch, The Live Group, Singapore

FitnessFest Singapore 2017 is taking place this weekend! Come join #TEAMBUSYWOMAN at Booth 49 for a series of challenges for your Fitness Passport & SweatBuddy Matching!


We speak with Tricia Sokolovitch, the brains behind FitnessFest on her pursuit of wellness, what she is excited about at the festival, and her top tip to making the most of Singapore's health, fitness & wellness scene!

Spurred by an entrepreneurial spirit at the age of 22, Tricia founded The Live Group, with the promise of crafting experiential events for her clients. 16 years later, The Live Group has since become one of Singapore’s most established events agencies.

Tricia attributes her ability to juggle a demanding career and a family to her passion and commitment to a sustainable fitness lifestyle.

Armed with her expertise of event management and advocacy for a sustainable fitness lifestyle, Tricia was inspired to conceptualise and curate Singapore’s premier fitness festival - FitnessFest 2017. She believes that fitness should be for everyone, regardless of size, shape or physical capacity, and hopes that this event will spark off a paradigm shift in fitness and encourage everyone to take on a fitness lifestyle.


Age: 39
No. of kid(s): 1 daughter, 4 years old
Favourite type of workout: Weight Training, TRX, Spin. At my condo’s gym, Pure and CruCycle
Favorite healthy eats café: Sarnies
Favorite productivity tool: Asana

What is a typical day like for you?
Right now, my key focus is FitnessFest, with running the agency on the side. I like to do my workouts in the mornings. For me, it’s the best way to sustain it, as I find it hard to leave the office once I get into the groove of work, and the tendency to skip my workouts would then be higher if I scheduled them later in the day. Hence, I wake up at 6:00am and clear my workouts by 9am. Then, it’s full on at work and meetings.

How did you get into health and wellness?
I have always led a relatively active lifestyle, but got more focused and specific on fitness after pregnancy. I gained 22kgs during my pregnancy and not much came off after birth! People were still asking me if I was pregnant 6 months after birth! I felt heavy and sluggish… not nice at all. Hence, I tripled up my efforts to get fit. With a leaner, stronger body, your mind is fed with vitality for that daily drive for life at its best.


What are your views on the pursuit of wellbeing?
I believe one should always strive to be the best version of themselves. We only live once, so why not live it at your best?

How did the idea for FitnessFest - Singapore's Ultimate Fitness Festival - come about?
In general, Singapore’s fitness events seem to be focused mostly on runs and yoga events. There is still not one event that encompasses all types of fitness on one platform, and in an engaging manner. There is just so much more to fitness to share to the general masses.

The key objective of the event is to break down the walls of fitness and to show that fitness is for everyone. We believe that everyone should adopt a fitness lifestyle.

What are your goals for the participants of FitnessFest?
For fitness junkies, I hope to have created a fitness paradise for you - to thoroughly enjoy the weekend and get a good dose of endorphins.

For the newbies, I hope you have discovered a move you enjoy and sparked on some motivation to kick-start a fitness lifestyle. In totality, for everyone to come together to celebrate the vibrancy of fitness.


What will you be doing at FitnessFest?
I would be trying out as many workouts as I can and tucking in to the yummy eats! Am particularly looking forward to the Calisthenics Arena as I’d like to learn hand stands.

Did motherhood change you?
Motherhood has taught me the value of time - how fleeting time is as your child grows so fast day by day. I realize that every moment is precious. It has taught to cherish the moments and live in the now.


Did you keep relatively active and healthy during your pregnancy?
I was actually enjoying my pregnancy and indulging in all the foods I craved! It was my first pregnancy, let me live it no? Haha… (hence the 22kg weight gain). I was still pretty active though – I did pre-natal yoga, swimming and long walks.

What are some of the values you and/or your brand go by?
We must walk the talk, and create a positive impact.

What drives you?
The passion to create and my desire for freedom and independence.

What is your top piece of advice you’d like to share with other Wellness entrepreneurs who are looking to get their businesses off the ground?
Always work with passion, and embrace all challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow.

Can you share your top tip to make the most of Singapore’s healthy eats, fitness and wellness scene?
There is just so much variety and accessibility to healthy eats nowadays, and gyms are sprouting out everywhere. There is no excuse of not being able to inculcate a habit of making healthier choices.

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