Time-Strapped? Busy? No Time? Here's 5 Top Ways To Meet People #IRL

Time-Strapped? Busy? No Time? Here's 5 Top Ways To Meet People #IRL

Not counting the new intern in the Accounting department, it's been a long time since you've met anyone new... If even trying to find a decent conversation partner on most days seems to be a daunting task - girl, it's time we have a chat about your social life!

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Many of us use time as an excuse when we talk about having a healthy social life. But in reality, no man is an island! For most of us, we need and thrive on human connections & interactions. A sense of belonging. A tribe to fall back on when we need a little support!

According to statistics presented at a Convention of the American Psychological Association, loneliness and social isolation can possibly become a greater public health hazard than obesity!

Nobody enjoys admitting that we're lonely, and even when we do, a common question arises; "How do I make a new friend?" Since most of us typically find it quite uncomfortable striking up a conversation with an absolute random stranger, we have rounded up 5 essential tips and means we can all meet people in a bid to widen our meaningful social circles, whilst pursuing our passions outside of work!

If you like to read...

Book clubs anyone? If you are past the age of sniggering at people who read, book clubs are a cool way of meeting people and fellow entrepreneurs, moms, working professionals who happen to like the same genre as you do! Aside from the company, discussions, laughs, or even heated debates over the books, you can also widen your perspectives, networks and receive & provide some mental stimulation to others. Also, if you've had that "I will read X number of books this year" in your New Year's resolution (for the last 5 years), book clubs are a good push for you to finally accomplish it!

Book Club

If you like being creative...

Like to work with your hands and unleash your inner creative? Whether its wood-working, crocheting, art jamming or sculpting clay - you'll find an abundance of things to do with your hands in most cities! Not only do you get to do something you love, you'll get to meet like-minded individuals who enjoy using art as a form of mindfulness / meditation - just like you! If you happen to fancy doing something obscure and can't find a class offering in your city, try contacting businesses that make their products in-house, they could possibly be running classes / workshops that aren't published on the web.

Clay Sculpting

If you have an extra room...

(and if it is legal in your city) Why now try hosting travelers or digital nomads looking to couch surf? Perhaps they may not stay long, but nothing wrong with making a new friend who lives in another country and who comes from a different culture! Most have interesting stories to share, and would be more then happy to return the favor if you travel to their city ;)

Couch Surfing

If you want to be multilingual...

You could possibly pick up a language on your own, via the multitude of resources online, apps, podcasts, etc. But what better way to practice what you've learnt than in a class setting with other students, and where someone reliable can correct your pronunciation? These days, language classes also include "extra-curricular" activities for you to appreciate the culture that the language is native to too! Whether you're looking to level up your language skills for employability, to better enjoy that vacation or for bragging rights - language classes certainly helps kill two birds with one stone!

Learn A New Language

If you enjoy a healthy lifestyle...

Talking about killing two birds with one stone! If you find chatting up that runner who follows the same route as you do every Wednesday a tad creepy - you can meet other health-conscious busy individuals at Broc & Bells!

Whether they enjoy a good sweat or who, like you, prefer their acai smoothie bowls over ice-cream sundaes, all you have to do is to click on their profile to connect! If you are looking for a specific gym that offers boxing classes, you can see who else likes that studio, and choose to connect with them. And hey, even if you guys don't really "click", you'll still get in a great sweat, regardless! Now, where's the downside in that?

Broc & Bells

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