The Digital Darlings - Inspiring Health, Fitness & Wellness Instagram Accounts to Follow:

The Digital Darlings - Inspiring Health, Fitness & Wellness Instagram Accounts to Follow:

In this series, The Busy Woman Project sets out to find out what moves the ladies, who inspire us through their social media accounts. Follow our series as you get to know these relatable digital darlings better!

Known by her handle, Aly Rauff is also a Lorna Jane and #TEAMBUSYWOMAN Ambassador. You can read more about her journey & thoughts on health, fitness and activewear on her blog.

What are some key messages you’re looking to spread to your followers?
I have 3 huge messages I try to spread as much as I can:

  • The biggest one Is about living as much of a healthy, sustainable lifestyle as you possibly can. That's why I eat as much whole plant based food as I can and only buy vegan products unless there is no alternative (which is almost impossible these days)
  • The second is self-love and acceptance of your mind, body and self
  • And lastly, that we must give back, help others and the planet whenever we can - cause if we don't, how will we ensure a better life for ourselves and those around us


Name a message you shared which got one of the most engagements from your followers
As of right now (based on IG stats), my post with the most engagement was one I posted on a progress photo of sorts. It compared my body at 8am and 8pm, showing people that I could look quite lean and slim when I wake up (on an empty stomach) vs. at 8pm after many meals, some yoga, a workout and just going through my day.

I told people it was unrealistic to expect to be completely slim & lean all day and that as the day goes by - our bodies will change. It is completely normal and doesn’t mean there’s anything wrong with us.


What are your thoughts on ‘stereotypes’ of Women in Asia, and how can we further educate women to instill that belief & love in self?
There's still a huge idea - mostly from middle age to older Asian people - that Asian women should look a certain way. Or, to not look a certain way. Because Singapore is so multi-cultural, there are many different ideals, but one I've noticed that goes across the board is that women should not use weights and shouldn't look "manly" or better put, toned.

I've heard it from my own family members, from older acquaintances and had followers messaged me with the same problem from their parents/family.

It's easy to be brought down, and what had worked for me was educating myself on the science behind exercise, health, eating right, and eventually self love. I feel education can make a big difference because I've found most people who are negative about it, don't have the right knowledge about health & fitness and may just be repeating what they were told from young.


Do you think Women support each other in Asia (more or less than in the West)?
It's hard for me to say that it would be more or less. I know many people in both areas and what we see from the community of women in fitness is mostly love, support and encouragement. But this needs to extend past it too.

Anywhere in the world, women are still told to compete against one another, and not always in the best way. Competition can be great for success, but supporting our fellow women can take us further. Starting more conversations may just be the one small step we need - not just with people who we know are going to share our views, but with everyone else too.


Who or what continues to inspire you?
I find that the best inspiration is myself. Just knowing how far I've come because I wanted to - I've put in the effort & time and I've made the changes that brought me here.

Someone else's success story is always fantastic, but I didn't feel their pain, their anger, sadness or suffering. I didn't experience their sacrifices or the arguments they may have had with their own bodies and health...But I felt all of that for my journey, and I can remember all of it. So nothing makes me want to keep moving forward like my own story.

What are some of the values you go by?
Love yourself first.
Be kind to the planet.
Mental health is just as important as physical health.


What are your Heath, Fitness & Wellness go-tos?
Raw food. I'm not one to go into a completely (or even partial) raw. I've found that meals which consist of at least 50% raw food, like raw fruits and vegetables with some cooked rice or on bread, make me feel better than any other meals I've had. Especially when I'm getting sick, or tired, my body craves raw meals because of how it makes me feel.

Easy meals I like include veggie sushi, nana ice cream, soba salads with a whole bunch of veggies.


Name another inspirational Health, Fitness & Wellness influencer in Asia which you follow and identify with
Honestly it’s hard for me to say that I can identify with anyone I follow who’s from Asia. We are all just too different. That’s no insult on anyone who I do follow, but I feel as though all of our experiences, lives and journeys are far too different. They’re all still incredible, beautiful and inspirational women and that’s why I love about all of us too. Who knows, maybe I just haven’t found someone who’s more like I am!

Aside from that, here are a few of my favourite accounts run by very inspiring Asian women:
@EricaTenggeraYoga @Seonia @Kathy0805 @Shademaya @Saraweeyogic

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