5 Ways To Become The Strongest Version Of Yourself, By Strong Women

5 Ways To Become The Strongest Version Of Yourself, By Strong Women

Have great ideas at work, but hesitant to share because of the fear of what other people may think? Able to squat more then twice your weight in the gym but struggle during competitions as the pressure to perform is overwhelming?

Truly strong women embrace strength in all the various forms it presents itself. Strong Women allow themselves to be loved, to be vulnerable, to be support & empowered - and in turn, support other Women and the broader community to be the best versions of themselves, together.


Here are 5 ways to become stronger and be at your full potential, as shared by fellow strong women.

1. Truly LOVE yourself

How can you do what’s best for YOU, if the inability to love oneself, results in self-sabotaging behaviour.

As cliché as it sounds, if you can’t love yourself first, how can you love others? How can you then build lasting relationships?

Many find it tough or selfish to love themselves & invest more time in thyself. You can "be selfish for selfless reasons" - it is a good reason to love yourself first, if you can love others more as a result of that!

“It was only when I finally learnt to let go of the need to please everyone and focused more on loving myself did I begin to see real growth and change.” Coming from a World Fitness Federation ("WFF") Pro Bikini model and CrossFit athlete, Alexandra Zahra, that’s one strong woman who knows exactly what she’s talking about.


2. Accept what you can change, and what you can’t

So, “...stop comparing! You can only control your actions, so take it into your own hands and go out and DO something that makes you feel good.” Strongman competitor & Powerlifter, Daniella May Lee Means wants us all to take positive action to improve our odds, instead of complaining or begrudging the circumstances we might be in.

Strive to be the strongest expression of yourself, and “do it for yourself, not for anyone else”.


3. Face your fears head-on.

Because honestly, there’s no other way to do it. You can skimp the surface, and thread on the sides cautiously, but nothing will ever change if you don’t actually, take the dive.

As our #teambusywoman ambassador, Natasha Goh shares “getting out of your comfort zone, discovering your fears aren't nearly as big, bad & scary when you come up face to face and ultimately, overcoming them definitely builds self-confidence.”

4. Accept both success and failure

If the possibility of failure is hindering you from success, you’d be constantly living with the what-ifs. If you’ve weighed the pros & cons and there isn’t a good enough reason for you to step aside other than your fears of failure, please see point #3.

As the 1st woman to headline a fight event and fight for a Mixed Martial Arts ("MMA") championship title in Hong Kong, Ramona Pascual is not only capable of meting out punches, she is also fully aware of this: “knowing that you might crash and burn or you might exceed your own expectations… Strength is about accepting either outcome and being better for it.”


5. And never stay down

It's always tempting to give up after a defeat, to resign yourself to what seems like certain fate. But, what makes you better each time is being able to pick yourself up after a fall. So don’t stay down for too long, cause’ life is gonna pass you by.

As singer-songwriter Robynn Yip shares, “There’s no better way to grow than to struggle. There’s no better way to learn than to stumble and fall.”

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